Now even though the boys already free and i can say that they win over SM, the situation is still same….those people who work in the entertainment industry still denied the existence of JYJ. So childish indeed…….Even they so easily used a words such ‘  fairness, popularity, and professionalism’ for this kind of unfairness. Well like JYJ said before, the boys gonna keep continued their activities like before and i guess they already knew very well about event like this gonna happen again and again.  

To people who still won’t accept the fact that JYJ won the lawsuit and keep doing a childish game like this, please beware because no matter what you are gonna do for erase and denied the boys existence, also more and more you do that then more and more you can’t escape from the boys existence. They are gonna keep continued to show you their best work. the result is only makes you stay in the corner without anything that you can do for stop it.

Yes….i am confident about this, Because the boys already show it many times for 3 year 4 month that they are still became a great group that bring a fresh wind to Korean music  through their activitie, with a banned thing they are still can be like now so it’s only about a time for makes those people really give up for real and i always believe that even though you have a power, money, a connection in everywhere….it’s gonna be nothing in front of God. You can used those thing for anything you want in this world such do any unjust to the others but when God already decide for took all of those kind that you have, it’s so easy for God to that. Even it’s not need a day for erase all of those thing from your life. 


Questions of fairness have been raised for the ‘2012 Melon Music Awards‘.

The award that raised the biggest question was the ‘Netizen Popularity Award‘. According to netizen votes, JYJ‘s Junsu ranked #1 with 185,519 votes for his ‘Nice Guy‘ OST, ”Love Is Like Snow“. However, the award went instead to B2ST with “Midnight“, who only received 147,310 votes.

Unlike the other awards in which netizen votes only count for 30% of the final result with 70% coming from music charts, netizen votes count double (60%) for the ‘Netizen Popularity Award’, so many fans are questioning the outcome. An industry representative who requested anonymity said, “It looks like it’s a similar situation to how Junsu’s group JYJ used to receive limitations by his previous label“.

The question has gotten even worse because the hosts of the awards had said, “The core of this award is fairness, popularity, and professionalism. It will be a fair award because it will be decided by the music chart rank and netizen votes.

Source: E2 News
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Note: Clearly, this has nothing to do with who was actually awarded, the fact remains that Junsu,
according to the vote, won it fairly. As the article indicates, it is an example of a larger system of “limitations.”


[NEWS] The second place transforms into the first place? ‘2012 Melon Music Awards’ fairness causes controversy – The ‘Netizen Popularity Award’ that netizens did not pick, 140,000 votes are more than 180,000 votes?

Controversy continues over the fairness of ‘2012 Melon Music Awards’ that took place at the Seoul Olympic Park Stadium on the 14th of last month.

The area of continued controversy is the ‘Netizen Popularity Award’. The award was given to the second place instead of the singer who actually won the first place in voting.

In the polls conducted from November 29th to December 13th, Kim Junsu who sang drama ‘The Innocent Man’ OST ‘Love is Like a Snowflake’ won the first place with 185,519 votes (42 percent of the votes).However, the popularity award went to ‘Midnight’ of B2ST that won 147,310 votes (33 percent of votes).

Doubts remain especially because the ‘Netizen Popularity Award’ is decided sixty percent by netizens’ votes unlike other awards that reflect seventy percent of the music source chart and thirty percent of netizens’ polls.

A music industry insider who asked to be anonymous said on this topic, “It looks like it can be understood in the same context where JYJ and Kim Junsu have been sabotaged when it comes to music and TV appearance activities in relation to the former management company”.
JYJ recently finalized the legal dispute that had continued for over three years with their former management company SM Entertainment. However, JYJ’s current agency C-JeS relayed, “The sabotage against JYJ’s activities is not the matter of legality. It is like a fight between David and Goliath, so the activities after the judgment won’t be that much different”.

Also, it was disclosed that Kim Junsu knew about the awards ceremony and the result of polls.

On the night of the ceremony, Kim Junsu posted on his twitter, “Even though I could not stand on the ceremony stage, I will repay the heartfelt appreciation everyone shown through future activities. I’m always very grateful”.

On the other hand, the organizers of the event stated many times before the ceremony, “The core value of this ceremony is fairness, popularity and professionalism”, and that “[the awards] will be awarded fairly because this ceremony is decided based upon the music source chart and netizens’ votes”.

T/N: the music source chart 음원차트 is a chart that decides a particular song’s popularity based on the number of downloads and live streaming of that song.

Credit: E2 News
Translated by XIAH Press