In time for the season of giving, JYJ’s Park Yoo Chun became the new spokesperson for special project created for people with sight disabilities.

On December 20, Standard Charter Bank announced that Park Yoo Chun has become the new spokesperson for its ‘Good Library Project,’ created especially for blind people.

The project asks for people who would like to donate their voices to read books and movies and record for blind people. Park Yoo Chun shared how to participate in this meaningful event.


“I like that it is very easy for anyone with a warm heart to participate in the ‘Good Library Project.’ I hope that everyone will get to experience the joy of reading books and movies for people who need it,” said Park Yoo Chun, on becoming the new face of the project. “I hope that many people will participate in the ‘Good Library Project.’

Richard Hill, the CEO of Standard Charter Bank said, “We chose Park Yoo Chun because his soft voice and smile went well with the project.”

Park Yoo Chun will also be participating in the ‘Good Library Project’ on January 19 to create on-camera narration movies and audio books. There will also be a movie screening and book release event in April, which Park Yoo Chun will be a part of. The recordings will be donated to the Korea Society for the Welfare of the Visually Handicapped.

You can check out the promotional video here. 

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[NEWS] JYJ’s Yoochun is selected as advertising model for SC Bank

JYJ’s Yoo Chun was recently selected as an advertising model and an honorary ambassador for Standard Chartered Bank’s Good Library Project.

On December 20, Standard Chartered Bank reported that Yoo Chun will let applicants who want to share their talent through their voices know how to participate in the project and will participate in the making of a commentary film and an audio book for the visually handicapped people.

People can apply for the project on Standard Chartered Bank’s official website ( or the bank’s Kakao Talk Plus Friend until January 13.

Yoo Chun will let the applicants know how to participate in the event over the phone, and the applicants can hear Yoo Chun’s voice.

All applicants will be invited to the Good Voice Festival, which will be held on January 19 next year at COEX. The selected hundred people will receive a chance to participate in the making of the commentary film and the audio book with Yoo Chun.

The film and the book will be donated to the Korea Association for the Welfare of the Visually Handicapped in April next year.

Yoo Chun says, “I thought it’s good that everyone who want to give help can participate in the project. I hope people can share the joy of helping others by doing volunteer work for the visually handicapped people.”

Richard Hill, the president of the bank, says, “Standard Chartered Bank, which entered the Korean Market in early 90s, has a strong will to devote itself to Korea. The Good Library Project is a good way to show its strong will to devote itself to Korea by doing a meaningful event for the Korean society based on the Here For Good spirit of the bank.”

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