Since there is a high posibility that 2013 JYJ Worldwide Concert Tour include Turkey. Foreign Fans that will be able to attend here, please complete this poll.

This poll was prepared by JYJ Turkey for a possible JYJ concert and to measure audience potential and profile.The video you see was prepared as in Turkish and English to be able to make the poll spread in a better and faster way both nationwide and internationally.

Direct link to the poll: PLEASE CLICK

For the ones who do not know, the poll application is pretty simple. After filling the options in appropriate way, click the button at the bottom of the page.Thus your answers will be included in the system.

REMEMBER, you can fill the poll only for once.There are some kind of restrictions put into the poll, so poll filling can not be done from the same IP more than one time.

This poll is not released by any company or governmental party. This is an on-going application by only JYJ Turkey.Remember that poll results are going to be used in official reports, that is why the answers for the poll carry much importance.

JYJ Turkey Managing Crew is waiting for everyone’s support, again with love and respect!

Credit: JYJTurkey via JYJ3
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