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PhotobucketKim Jun-Su’s surprising song, ‘Thank You For’ is getting hot attention.

After ‘Thank You For’ was released on 24th, it became #1 on various real-time music charts. Also, it was ranked at the top lists of searching words of websites and music sites.

The song ‘Thank You For’ was composed by producer Shikata and written by Jun-Su’s brother, Juno. Sweet lyrics of young love of a couple are noticed in the song.

C-Jes Entertainment said that, “It’s said that Kim Jun-Su sang the song like telling a story to his fans who has loved him for a year while he was having the world tour concert. We hope the fans may have special memories in this winter with this song.”

Kim Jun-Su also said that, “I hope the song is a warm gift for you in this winter. I wish you have a smiling Christmas.”

Meanwhile, Kim Jun-Su is going to have ‘2012 XIA Ballad & Musical Concert with Orchestra’ at COEX from 29th to 31st.

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Ok….Yoochun-ah you must take a responsibility for this young girl, it seem that she really fallin’ for u 😀 (she already mentioned it before in Here )

[parts unrelated to Yoochun omitted]

In the interview that followed, Kim So-hyun commented “I wish my partner would be humorous, carefree yet caring” and chose Park Yoochun of the MBC drama ‘Missing You’ as her ideal type.

She continued, “I have no experience in relationships, so romance acting are difficult for me”. She also revealed a surprising side, commenting “I like Doenjang Jjigae, rather than pizza, and sad and slow ballads rather than idol music”.

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The 1000 days span from 2009 to 2012 with candid confessions from JYJ members.

Magazine interview including pictorial + special DVD (BTS, making, images, etc)

Magazine – 130 pages
Size: 220 x 297 mm
DVD – 40 minutes

Pre-sale: Dec 24 to Jan 6

Release: Jan 20, 2013. Price – 25,000 KRW (plus tax and shipping)

Credit: CJeS Store
Translated By: Ruby (@rubypurple_fan) of JYJ3
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PhotobucketComposed by Shikata-san, REO
Lyrics by Juno, Kim Jina

 [HANGUL Lyrics]

하얀눈이 온세상에
반짝이는 오늘
설레이며 기다린
the first snow
하늘이 내게주신
너는 가장 귀한
선물 나보다 더
소중한 나의
white star
이른 아침 종소리에
눈을뜨고 종일
두근두근 설레이며
너를 만나러가는
길목마다 아로새긴
사랑스런 우리의 추억
소리없이 쌓여만 가는
하얀 눈 위로
서성거리며 늘어간
날 더 설레이게 해
Oh 매일 꿈꿔 왔었던
그날이 바로 오늘
내게 다가온거야 Oh
너와나 손을잡고
길을걷고 마주보며
웃음짓고 스쳐간
추억들로 이 거릴 물들여가
늘 곁에있어도
꺼내지 못했었던
나의 맘을 오늘
전하고 싶어 널 사랑한다고
포근하게 비춰주는
가로등불빛 아래
투명하게 비치는 넌
주머니속 작은손
발그레진 너의
두 볼 사랑스럽기만 해
하얀거릴 가득채우는
오가는 사람들맘에
미소짓게 하는 밤
Oh 나와 함께라면
어디든 좋다며
내 품에 안기는 너 Oh
너와나 손을잡고
길을걷고 마주보며
웃음짓고 스쳐간
추억들로 이 거릴 물들여가
해맑은 너의 미소
내가 지켜줄게 Oh
이렇게 손을 잡고
길을 걷고 마주보며 또
웃음짓고 너와함께
추억들을 하나씩 만들어가
때로는 지치고
두려워 질때라도 잊지마
내가 항상 여기있을게
바로 오늘처럼
니곁에 영원히
이건 널 위한 노래
소리없이 쌓여만 가는
하얀 눈 위로
서성거리며 늘어간
날 더 설레이게 해



Hayannuni onsesange banjjagineun oneul
Haruharu seolleimyeo gidarin the first snow
Haneuri naegejusin neoneun gajang gwihan
Seonmul naboda deo sojunghan naui white star

Ireun achim jongsorie nuneultteugo jongil
Dugeundugeun seolleimyeo gidaryeowatdeon
Neoreul mannareoganeun gilmongmada arosaegin
Sarangseureon uriui chueok

Sorieobsi ssahyeoman ganeun hayan nun wiro
Seoseonggeorimyeo neureogan baljagukdeuri nal deo seolleige hae
(oh)maeil kkumkkeowasseotdeon geunaribaro oneul naege dagaongeoyaoh

Neowana soneuljapgo gireulgeotgo majubomyeo
Useumjitgo seuchyeogan chueokdeullo i georil muldeullyeoga
Neulgyeoteisseodo kkeonaeji motaesseotdeon
Naui mameul oneul jeonhago sipeo neol saranghandago

Pogeunhage bichwojuneun garodeungbulbit arae
Tumyeonghage bichineunneon yurigateun crystal
Jumeonisok jageunson balgeurejin neoui
Du bol sarangseureopgiman haebaby

Hayangeoril gadeukchaeuneun noraesoriga
Oganeun saramdeulmame ullyeopyeojimyeo misojitge haneun bam
(oh)nawa hamkkeramyeon eodideun jotamyeo nae pume angineun neo oh

Neowana soneuljapgo gireulgeotgo majubomyeo
Useumjitgo seuchyeogan chueokdeullo i georil muldeullyeoga
Eorinaigateun haemalgeun neoui miso
Eonjekkajina naega jikyeojulgeoh

Ireoke soneul japgo gireul geotgo majubomyeo tto
Useumjitgo neowahamkke chueokdeureul hanassik mandeureoga
Ttaeroneun jichigo duryeowo jilttaerado itjima
Naega hangsang yeogiisseulge baro oneulcheoreom
Nigyeote yeongwonhi

Igeon neol wihan norae



Today snow is shining all over the world
Everyday, excited and waiting for the first snow
Heaven has given me the most precious gift
More precious than my white star

Waking up early in the morning to the sound of the bell ringing
I’ve been waiting anxiously to meet you
Finding a way to go to meet you
Loving the memories of us

White snow is piled up without sound
Pacing the streets more footsteps pound
I would flutter more

That day I had been dreaming everyday OH
Oh so I came

You and me holding hands, walking down the street
Memories spent with staring and laughing
You always cuddle up to me
Could not say
Today my heart wants to say I love you

Snuggling under the street lamp that illuminates
Your reflection in the transparent-like glass crystal
Little hands in your pocket
Your cheeks stained red

Flow as a city full of white
Is singing
Sounds over the hearts of the people come and go
I would smile at night

Nice and anywhere with me OH
Oh you to hug me

You and me holding hands, walking down the street
Memories spent with staring and laughing
Your innocent smile like a child
Oh I’ll protect you forever

We walked down the street, holding hands,
facing each other again
We created the memories one by one with you

Even if there are times when you get tired sometimes frightened
Do not forget
I’ll be here for you always like today

Forever by your side

This song for you

Hangul Text Credit: Melon

Romanized Text + English Translations by: Ruby(@rubypurple_fan) of JYJ3
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[TRANS] I hope this song could be a warm present for all of you this winter^^ I wish all of you have a happy Christmas that everyone can smile~ And.. Hyung, thanks for doing me a favor without hesitation and your beautiful lyrics despite you’re so busy^^ I think it’ll make everyone warm~ thank u for..


[TRANS] I’m also thankful for having a really good chance to write the lyrics for your song. And as a writer, I feel good and honored because you always sing the best~ Thank you for believing and leaving it to me^^ Have a happy Christmas~

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JYJ member Junsu has just released a new digital single titled “Thank U For“.

Designed as a surprise present for fans on the day before Christmas, to go hand and hand with Junsu’s year-end concert. “Thank U For” is “the work of Japanese composer and producer Shikata and is a sweet love song that will let you feel the charms of Winter”.

Junsu himself also shared, “The song being revealed on Christmas Eve is a sweet love story that feels as if it’s a love letter sent by a man to his girlfriend. I hope it will be a good present for the fans.”

 Note: Listen to the song on Mnet HERE or Melon HERE + Buy it on Soribada.en!

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1. Best Drama
#1 – Rooftop Prince


2.Best Actor
#1 – Park Yoochun


4. Best Couple
#1 – Han Ji Min & Park Yoochun


8. Best Idol Actor
#1 – Park Yoochun
#2 – Kim Jaejoong

Picture Credit: 米粒only6002
Translated by: Ruby of JYJ3
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Congratulations Yoochun-ah !!!!! Jaejoong-ah!!!!!! 😀 😀 😀

Kim Bada, the main vocal of Rock band ‘Art of Parties’, gave his song to another singer for the firts time.
It’s Kim Jaejoong, the member of JYJ, who will make his debut next January as a solo singer, He told about it..

“I think he asked me a song for his change. Actually, I didn´t know who Kim Jaejoong is.
But I gave my song becaus he wanted”.

And he emphasized,

“He is the first singer who ask me a song. I give my song to everyone if he or she wants”.

Kim YoonBum, drummer of ‘Arts of Parties’ told about… “He was never expressed about it, but he likes the collaboration”.
Kim Bada gave two songs to Kim Jaejoong. He told with anticipation…

“He asked me just one but he wanted one more song after recording. I think you can meet ‘New’ Kim Jaejoong who is musically more mature”.

He praised the tense of Jaejoong’s digesting rock music…

“He was excepcional..
I was half a doubt about him because I didn’t know about him.
He was much better than expected after we recorded the 1st song.
He has the attribute to become a rocker.
After recording of 1st song, I gave him a hard-rock song, a little bit stronger than 1st one…
but he didn’t reject it. He also digested it well as the compositional intention”

And he added..

“Rock Band ‘Pia’ also joined in one or two songs as the accompanist. He really make his effort for his 1st solo album”.

There will be various rock songs in his 1st solo album. C-JES Entertainment also told…

“It’ll be different from JYJ’s music. You can feel another attraction of Kim Jaejoong”.

**For reference, Kim bada is the main vocalist of ‘Sinawe’ and ‘Art of Parties’
Pia is very famous rock band in Korea. Actually they became famous because Seo Taiji acouted them  to his own label.
Now they belong to another label.. Not seo Taiji’s..

Source: Newsis via Naver
Translated and Shared by: @theyoungestmin (pkmsue)
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hmm….he doesn’t know about Jaejoong…..but i guess it’s really possible for some people who since beginning not interested to boy/girl band beside i guess even though DB5K is popular but it doesn’t mean everyone in Korea knew about the members name and the most important things is JYJ is being block from music shows since 3 years ago and i guess it’s still continued till now even though the boys already free.