Hm, I was rather expecting MBC to give I Miss You an extension, and MBC execs have confirmed that they did give the matter some thought, but ultimately they’ve decided to nix the idea. The drama will end on Episode 20 as originally planned.

It seemed likely to get at least least one more episode because of its recent election preemption, which pushed it one episode behind the original airing schedule. The show had taken over first place in the ratings in the past two weeks (although it got pushed back to second place this week when Jeon Woo-chi rebounded both in story awesomeness and in ratings), so I thought the preemption would give the station the perfect excuse to draw out the drama a few more hours. Plus it’s a melo with a tangled storyline, which is the kind of drama that seems primed for extension — what’s a few more twists along the way?

In lieu of more story hours, I Miss You will be finishing off finale week with a special broadcast; the last episode will air on Wednesday, January 16, followed by the special on Thursday.

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