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Pictures of MBC’s Wednesday-Thursday series Missing You were released on December 26.

In the pictures, Park Yoo Chun and Yoon Eun Hye are wearing the same red mufflers and walking along the street with Christmas spirit.

Yoon looks surprised but Park is smiling at her while putting his arm on her shoulder. They look like a real couple and it made the audience wonder what happened on the series.

Park’s smiling face and sweet behaviors captured many female fans’ hearts.

The production crew for the series said, “Even though the weather was so cold, Park and Yoon performed perfectly as Jung Woo and Soo Yeon for the series. They went on a Christmas date and realized each other’s feelings but their harsh reality will make the series sorrowful. Please tune on the fourteenth episode of the series.”

The fourteenth episode of the series, in which Park and Yoon go on a Christmas date, will air on December 26 at 9:55 p.m.

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Finally it’s come out !!!! Jaejoong’s teaser !!!!! woa it’s so fast, i thought it’s gonna be around a night time ^^

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JYJ′s Kim Jae Joong will be holding a special series of concerts to celebrate his birthday and the release of his first solo album.


A rep from Kim Jae Joong′s agency C-JeS Entertainment told enews on December 26, “We′ve confirmed the release date of Kim Jae Joong′s first solo album to be January 17. To celebrate the release of his album and his birthday, he will hold special concerts, which will be a mini concert and fanmeeting in one, on December 26 and 27.”
(JYJ3 Admin Note: The dates are January 26 and 27)

Kim Jae Joong is currently preparing a solo mini album in the rock genre. He wrote the lyrics for all of the tracks to be included in the album, and also composed for some. Specifics about the album are still under wraps, but the album has still been drawing international interest due to Kim Jae Joong′s unique vocals and visuals.

The rep added, “The concert will be held in a total of three parts, and join together a mini concert and fanmeeting. Fans will be able to hear him sing tracks from his first mini album and more. He will also talk with his Korean fans about his career in acting as well as how he′s been doing after wrapping up his four-country Asia fanmeeting tour in November.”

The title of the concert is set to be Your, My and Mine, and means that the singer will pour everything he has to say about his life into his performance to express his sincere thanks toward his fans on his birthday, January 26.

Kim Jae Joong said through his agency, “While writing the lyrics for all the tracks in my album, I wrote about what I′ve always wanted to say, my concerns and what makes me happy. I believe the concert will be a meaningful one in which I′ll be able to show my fans just that. Please look forward to it.”

Your, My and Mine will be held in Ilsan from January 26-27. Tickets will be made available from January 7 through Interpark.

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JYJ’s Junsu (Solo Name XIA) is releasing his new singles at a sampling rate of “48.0kHz” and is gaining attention because of this fact.

The new single “Thank U For” which was released on December 24 was released at a sampling rate of “48.0kHz.” The reason why this fact is interesting is that a sampling rate of “48.0kHz” is better quality than the usual sampling rate of “44.1kHz” which is used for CDs. Put simply, Junsu’s new singles have nearly 4000 (Hz) more worth of sampling than the your average single!

“Thank U For” was written by the Japanese composer/producer Shikata. Junsu said of the single, “I hope that the single will be a good present for fans.” “The song is a sweet Christmas Eve love song.” “I sang the song as if I were a boyfriend giving a love letter to my girlfriend.”


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I guess there are some mistaken on the articles because as i knew the one who wrote the lyrics for Thank You for is Juno,  the composer is Shikata.

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Be ready guys !!!!! Today Jaejoong’s teaser gonna be revealed 😀 😀 😀


[TRANS from Korean] 
Kim Jaejoong’s solo mini-album release and concert schedule have been announced!
Please expect a surprise teaser to be unveiled this afternoon!

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By Korea Star Daily | Kpop Fighting

The Korean Wave is continuing its push to all parts of the world, and the use of YouTube has enabled K-POP to become truly music without borders. “Have you heard that Kara is the most popular group in Japan?” “PSY is unsurpassable in America?”, and more have become topics that have become a norm these days. The Korean Wave has definitely spread to all parts of the world in 2012, and some have them have taken place in countries that you least expected prior to this explosion.

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# JYJ’s true global concert tour

The South Korean market is too small? Unable to perform normally due to restrictions? JYJ has managed to overcome all of that through building their own music word and fan base by interacting often with their fans that are spread out all over the world.

JYJ begun the first leg of their South American concert tour in Chile this past March and became the first Korean artist to sing in South America. Over 3,000 fans were in attendance, hailing from countries like Chile, Brazil, Argentina, Peru, Venezuela, Uruguay, and Mexico, and spent a wonderful time with JYJ. JYJ expressed afterwards, “I am really stunned to know that we have fans in Chile that cheer and support us. And we are also stunned that we have so many fans here at our first leg of our South American concert tour. We will not forget to include Chile the next time when JYJ has their next world concert tour.”

JYJ’s idea of a global concert tour was realized. Although most Korean Wave concerts are tagged with the title of ‘global concert tour’, they are however mostly just restricted to countries like Korea, Japan, China, Thailand, America, and other popular countries. But JYJ was different as it performed in countries like Spain, Germany, Peru, and Chile, making for a true global concert tour in execution.

In addition, JYJ’s Kim Junsu also held his own global concert tour. Kim Junsu performed 13 concerts spread out over 12 cities and attracted a total of 53,800 fans in attendance. He also created milestones by becoming the first solo Korean singer to have a concert in Mexico, Brazil, India, and Germany. Kim Junsu took 6 months to achieve the feat and wrapped up the final leg of his concert tour in Germany on a successful note.

The Korean Wave is currently firing on all cylinders and one might say it is at its peak. The only way for this to sustain, will be the artists resolve to keep churning out new ideas and evolve. We also believe that this Korean Wave will continue to grow in the coming years.


Source : Yahoo Philipinnes

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JYJ‘s Jaejoong recently took a trip down to the city of Gongju and shared a set of photos.

On December 26, Jaejoong tweeted, “I went to King Moo Ryung’s tomb in Gongju city today,” “I went to my old house,” “I also came to my old elementary school,” along with three photos.

Each photo showed Jaejoong posing in front of the King Moo Ryung Tomb, his old home and the school that he attended as a child.

In the digital guestbook for Kim Moo Ryung’s Tomb, Jaejoong playfully wrote, “Kim Jaejoong is the best.” He also stood and gave a playful pose in front of the Gongju Central Elementary School.

Netizens commented, “Isn’t he dressed too lightly for this weather?” “He is so handsome,” “So cool,” “Cute,” “Seems full of memories,” and more.

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Kim Jaejoong’s first solo mini-album will be released on Jan. 17th; and there will be two special concerts on Jan. 26th & 27th
“Your, My and Mine” is the ongoing title of the concerts for Kim Jaejoong’s first solo mini-album to be held in commemoration of his birthday.

The concerts will be divided into 3 parts;
incorporating fresh concepts into both of Jaejoong’s live concerts and fanmeetings together.

Title: Your, My and Mine
Dates: (1) January 26 (Sat 7 pm)
            (2) January 27 (Sun 6 pm)
Location: KINTEX Ilsan

Ticket Sales Open: January 7, 2013 ; Interpark website

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