This year became a very meaningful for JYJ and JYJers. Even though there are still many unfair treatment that the boys (especially Junsu ) got from the others but they are also got many achievement both as an awards or an ambassador. I guess this year mostly became Junsu great year since he is really showed to other people that no matter what they done, he is still gonna keep move on, keep stand on the stage with a pride as a singer and Thanks to God, his effort really give him a great achievement. If Yoochun is a secret weapon  then maybe i can called Junsu as a great weapon of JYJ. For Jaejoong, to be honest i still confused how to called him. Since he is the one who have a very mysterious act from JYJ members. If you followed him, you are gonna understand why i said like that. You almost never (except God who knew everything in this world absolutely) can predict what he is gonna said or do. He is gonna give us many surprise.  Okay back to the topic……..anyway Congratulation Junsu-ah.

Kim Junsu

Whether it was movies or dramas, all of the JYJ members kept busy this year with various solo projects, but Kim Junsu chose to stick to music in 2012, and if the headlines are any indication, it’s a good thing he did.

From selling out concert tickets to crashing servers, Kim Junsu lived up to fans’ high expectations.

His solo album Xia – Tarantallegra became the best-selling album in Gaon Chart’s history. But the singer was full steam ahead, as he released another single album Uncommitted in August.

It′s clear Kim Junsu put a spell on his fans with ‘Tarantallegra’, since his success in 2012 was by all means, magical.

Source: enewsWorld
Credit: JYJ3

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