JYJ’s Junsu (Solo Name XIA) is releasing his new singles at a sampling rate of “48.0kHz” and is gaining attention because of this fact.

The new single “Thank U For” which was released on December 24 was released at a sampling rate of “48.0kHz.” The reason why this fact is interesting is that a sampling rate of “48.0kHz” is better quality than the usual sampling rate of “44.1kHz” which is used for CDs. Put simply, Junsu’s new singles have nearly 4000 (Hz) more worth of sampling than the your average single!

“Thank U For” was written by the Japanese composer/producer Shikata. Junsu said of the single, “I hope that the single will be a good present for fans.” “The song is a sweet Christmas Eve love song.” “I sang the song as if I were a boyfriend giving a love letter to my girlfriend.”


Source: Soompi
Credit: JYJ3

I guess there are some mistaken on the articles because as i knew the one who wrote the lyrics for Thank You for is Juno,  the composer is Shikata.

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