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When Jae was trying to erase at the end, his face really cute and funny 😀 😀 😀



Yoochun’s drawing of Junsu:
나는야 축구선수! 아시아! NO.1
“I am a football player! Asia! NO.1″

Jaejoong’s drawing of Yoochun:
아가 준수 (in the thought bubble)
“Baby Junsu”
*귀엽다 근데…. 난 준수의 남자근성을 봤다..
“*He’s cute but…. I’ve seen Junsu’s manliness/masculinity..”

Junsu’s drawing of Jaejoong:
“The coolest dude”

Junsu then wrote 바보 똥개 (meaning “silly dog”) next to Yoochun’s face, which later on Jaejoong tried to wipe off.
Note: this rather crude expression is used a lot amongst close friends, without meaning any harm.

JYJ 아름다운 1000일 = “JYJ beautiful 1000 days”







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Park Yoo Chun and Yoon Eun Hye look great together as a couple, in their couple scarfs! The adorable couple ofMBC’s “I Miss You” moved the hearts of whoever had the chance of seeing them.

In the drama Park Yoo Chun’s character ends up buying a red scarf that is the same one as Yoon Eun Hye’s character. Isn’t that cute?

Viewers of the TV show commented on the couple scarf, “Park Yoo Chun and Yoon Eun Hye’s couple scarfs are so pretty. It is also a bit sad,” “Now that the two are wearing couple scarfs, they look like an actual couple,” “I want the couple scarf that the two are wearing,” and “I wish I was doing a couple scarf with Park Yoo Chun.”

“I Miss You” is a complex emotional drama involving the daughter of an accused murderer.

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Photos of JYJ’s Kim Junsu practicing with a full orchestra has been released to the public 2 days prior to the concert.

On Dec 27, c-jes entertainment side said, “For the year end concerts, Kim Junsu has been practicing day and night. He often exchanges views with the musical director to prepare for the performances.”

The photo shows Kim Junsu practicing with violin, cello, and brass players and a full chorus.

Kim Junsu said, “The power of the orchestra will help give a different meaning to each song. When the chorus and vocal come together, each track comes to life with rhythm and sound. Please expect an illusion of harmony and excitement.”, making clear of his sentiments.

The concert’s cue sheet was published 3 weeks ago. In addition, Kim Junsu’s new digital single “Thank U For”, which has gained popularity upon its release, will be included in the song line up.

Kim Junsu’s 2012 Xia Ballad & Musical Concert with Orchestra will be held on Dec 29 to 31 at COEX.

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Transformed into a rock star for his solo album, JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong has released a teaser video at the recording studio.

Some of the album tracks were included in the teaser that was released last Dec 26 on JYJ’s official youtube channel (

Netizens have commented through various online community portals – “Got goose bumps when listening to his voice”, “Kim Jaejoong has explosive vocals”, “That’s Kim Jaejoong, right?” among others. Kim Jaejoong has created a new genre of rock music which generates high expectations from the public.

C-jes entertainment said, “The album cover teaser and music video teaser will be released after this studio teaser. Please wait for a surprise announcement about Kim Jaejoong’s mini-album.”

On the other hand, Kim Jaejoong’s mini-album will be released on Jan 17 followed by a combined mini-concert and fanmeeting on Jan 26-27.

Source: TV Daily via Nate 

Additional Info from other articles:

  • Sinawe vocalist Kim Bada can also be seen in the teaser. (Source: MK via Nate)
  • The public has high expectations for Kim Jaejoong’s music since the songs exude smooth vocals then into high pitch explosion. Netizens reaction: “Can’t wait until the album is released!” (Source: SBS via Nate)

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JYJ (Kim Junsu, Kim Jaejoong, Park Yuchun) group members’ activities are capitalizing on their own personalities to be a solo artist by participating in all kinds of activities such as drama and film, singing and musical.

Kim Junsu announced a solo album this year then went to have a successful world tour. He will be followed by Kim Jaejoong who is creating the foundation of being a solo rock singer.

Kim Jaejoong will unveil his first solo album on Jan 17. Anticipation climbed up when rock bands Sinawe and Art of Parties vocalist Kim Bada and Pia participated in the album. All lyrics are written by Kim Jaejoong himself.

Kim Jaejoong has written the lyrics as a way to tell his stories through music. He expressed emotions for the music by taking advantage of his unique singing voice that rock musicians usually prefer. He also prepared a mini concert on Jan 26 and 27 for fans who support him.

By enhancing their own tastes and personalities, the 3 members of JYJ are capable of being solo singers.

They have the strength to express emotions and appealing performances with Kim Junsu having a successful solo career as a dance and R&B ballad singer while Kim Jaejoong has chosen to do rock music. Park Yuchun, who has been actively appearing in drama, has a major interest in indie pop music.

On the 26th, JYJ’s side explained to Star News, “Members chose their favorite genre to show their different strengths and personalities in all their solo activities such as acting in dramas and movies, musicals, etc. As solo singers, their activities are also tailor-fit for them.”

JYJ’s “Stylish pop music combined with Asian sentiments” has looked at the possibility of entering the US market. JYJ will focus on their new album while working parallel with their individual activities.

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The freedom that the boys got is really meaningful, not like on their previous agency who act more like a dictator, the boys now can give their own opinion, decided their own project, freely to express their feeling and show their own/real personalities and no need to used a fake image or script for do something like in the past. Even though their music activities still being limited since some people still being stubborn for blocked the boys butit’s only make  every achievement that the boys got till now became more special and really meaningful.

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The past November 15/2012 JYJ Colombia donated 80 scholar kits to the Maria Luisa de Moreno Philanthropic Foundation, to help 80 boys and girls in need from a poor school in Quibdo, Choco; a region located in the north west of Colombia.  JYJ Colombia decided to donate the 80 kits in the name of JYJ Jaejoong, Yoochun and Junsu to these particular children because they live in a very poor condition, knowing that their families survive with less than a dollar a day.  They live needy lives, no doubt, although this is only a small grain of sand in the desert, JYJ Colombia wanted to help them to ease their studying conditions in such a way.   Each kit contained the following items:

. 2 notebooks
. 1 box of colors
. 1 eraser
. 1 pencil sharpener
. 1 pencil
. 1 pen
. 1 box of water colors
. 1 box of play-dough
. 1 ruler
. 1 scissors
. 1 t-shirt (size according age)
. 1 toy (according gender)

These scholar items were donated and reunited by the JYJ Colombia administrators and other persons who wanted to join the project.

Photos of the delivery of Schools Kits to the Foundation “Maria Luisa de Moreno”

Certificate of Donation

Photos of the 80 children receiving School Kits

Fotos de los niños haciendo las cartas de agradecimientos

Photos of Letters

Click here to read more letters Link

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