The past November 15/2012 JYJ Colombia donated 80 scholar kits to the Maria Luisa de Moreno Philanthropic Foundation, to help 80 boys and girls in need from a poor school in Quibdo, Choco; a region located in the north west of Colombia.  JYJ Colombia decided to donate the 80 kits in the name of JYJ Jaejoong, Yoochun and Junsu to these particular children because they live in a very poor condition, knowing that their families survive with less than a dollar a day.  They live needy lives, no doubt, although this is only a small grain of sand in the desert, JYJ Colombia wanted to help them to ease their studying conditions in such a way.   Each kit contained the following items:

. 2 notebooks
. 1 box of colors
. 1 eraser
. 1 pencil sharpener
. 1 pencil
. 1 pen
. 1 box of water colors
. 1 box of play-dough
. 1 ruler
. 1 scissors
. 1 t-shirt (size according age)
. 1 toy (according gender)

These scholar items were donated and reunited by the JYJ Colombia administrators and other persons who wanted to join the project.

Photos of the delivery of Schools Kits to the Foundation “Maria Luisa de Moreno”

Certificate of Donation

Photos of the 80 children receiving School Kits

Fotos de los niños haciendo las cartas de agradecimientos

Photos of Letters

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