Park Yoo Chun once again confessed to Yoon Eun Hye.

On the episode of MBC’s Missing You that aired on the afternoon of December 26, Joy(played by Yoon Eun Hye) wandered around the streets after quarrelling with Harry(played by Yoo Seung Ho).

Han Jung Woo(played by Park Yoo Chun) who encountered Joy on the streets saw Joy’s swollen left wrist when he was talking to her. She was injured when she tried to deny Harry(played by Yoo Seung Ho)’s kiss. She tried to hide the wound but Han Jung Woo did not miss it.

Later when Han pretended not to heard Joy crying in the taxi back home.

However, when Han arrived in front of Joy’s house he asked her, “Do you have to go Soo Yeon? Can’t you stay?” He expressed his heart by saying, “If he makes you cry one more time, I am not going to wait. I am going to take you away from him.”

In this episode, Harry confessed to Joy that he is being chased because of the death of his mother Kang Hyun Joo(played by Cha Hwa Yeon).

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