JYJ member Kim Jae Joong tweeted about his trip to Gongju city on 26 December. During the Christmas holiday season, Jae Joong headed down memory lane by going back to his hometown. He visited the house he lived in previously as well as his elementary school.

He captured the memories by posing at these places and sharing them with his fans on his official new twitter account (@bornfreeonekiss).

One of the places he visited was the royal tomb of King Moo Ryoung.

Jae Joong was seen leaving a cheeky message on the digital messagebook as he poses with a peace sign next to the screen.

‘김재중 짱’ it reads, which translates to ‘Kim Jae Joong is the best’.

Jae Joong had also donated a generous amount to his junior high and elementary school in Gongju last year. He is currently preparing for his first solo album which boasts of a rock genre.

Source: en.Korea
Credit: JYJ3

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