Merry Christmas^^

Merry Christmas everyone~

Did you have a good Christmas?

I went to the concert of Shin’s Cliff and May’s Live yesterday ^^


There were a lot of people gathered at Ebisu, and the thing that left the most impression to me was everyone’s smile.

The dancing girls and Jun-kun too seems to be enjoying themselves, it was such a great concert ^^

And then, talking about Christmas,

Junsu-kun’s new song “Thank U for” had start selling in S.Korea.


This time I composed the song, but I was in a situation in which I’ve been receiving a lot of comments and tweets from a lot of people ^^

Even on Twitter, within 3 days, my followers increased more than 500 people. Of course it is (expected of) Junsu’s popularity, but I’m very happy of the fans who gave credit to the person who made the song.

As expected, to be asked to write about the song is also a blessing for the composer!

By the way, this song was made with (t/n: the feeling of) “a sweet love song confession”.

Since it is Christmas, the song exudes adult feelings.

I didn’t aim to makes it extravagant; instead I made the song so that you’ll want to repeat it again and again.

Since Junsu-kun is very good at singing, as the music-maker, I feel relief (t/n: in making the song).

It seems had Juno-kun had also participated in lyrics-making, I’m thankful ^^

Thank you for such a beautiful lyric.

Since the fans are asking how I came to make Junsu-kun’s song, I shall tell you here.

We have a common acquaintance in S.Korea , and since I’ve made a song for JYJ before, he introduced me.

And then, at the end of the talk, they came to a conclusion in which they wanted to hear the songs, so I chose several songs and send it.

And then, after 2/3 days, suddenly a reply came in which they said they want to release this song immediately.

They want to do the recording as soon as possible thus the project started.

Once he made up his mind, immediately taking action, Junsu is so cool.

I was shocked too since I never thought that this project will proceed this fast.

(I thought even if they want to release the song, it’ll take several months.)

Since I’m also that type, so I’m happy ^^

I received a lot of comments regarding the song.

I read all of it.

This way, I received the message from all of you and it’ll bring me new songs.

That is the same for the singer and writer.

Both hand-in-hands (helping each other) gives birth to good songs.

It’s the best chain reaction.

I pray that this song will be able touch a lot of people.

I hope you’ll have a good day today too.

Merry Christmas ^^

Source: Shikata
Translated by: Helly of JYJ3
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‘Once he made up his mind, immediately taking action, Junsu is so cool.’

I am totally agree with you, Shikata-san, he is really a spontaneous person so that’s why he always gonna said ‘i don’t know why i do this or that, i just wanna do that’ when someone else asked about that.Junsu always gonna do some action first before think about the result and when he really eager to do something, he is gonna done it with all of his effort.

That’s why if you watch JYJ video, you can see his reaction (on his action and his answer) is so natural and cute which makes his hyungs wanna teased him more and more also that’s why he always gonna be the maknae on JYJ . 😀 😀

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