Jaejoong often said in a recording studio “I’d like to be a better person before meeting fans.” The staff making the teaser put the phrase “Please wait until I become a better person” in the teaser to let fans know. via @WorldclassJJ

Jackson film (who made the teaser) said his music is awesome! via @WorldclassJJ


Kim Jaejoong mini solo album
[We] proceeded with making the teaser video


Did you notice it?
As we have always done.. there is always a hidden tip for you fans.

“Please wait until I come back as a more wonderful man.”


In the recording studio, Jaejoong frequently says ‘I want to meet my fans after I become a more wonderful person.’
And I surely wanted to convey these words to his fans,
so I slightly put it in the middle of the video.

It actually goes by in a blink of an eye.
But if you noticed it, you are a real fan.

Even in my view as a man, he is really cool.. ㅠㅠ


Jaejoong_xfile_teaser_1220_re.wmv_000002653 Jaejoong_xfile_teaser_1220_re.wmv_000012529 Jaejoong_xfile_teaser_1220_re.wmv_000018735 Jaejoong_xfile_teaser_1220_re.wmv_000020871 Jaejoong_xfile_teaser_1220_re.wmv_000022406 Jaejoong_xfile_teaser_1220_re.wmv_000039723 Jaejoong_xfile_teaser_1220_re.wmv_000040757 Jaejoong_xfile_teaser_1220_re.wmv_000044561 Sequence_01_1

(T/N: In the teaser it says “~a better man.”, but it’s actually translated as “a more wonderful man” from what he wrote in the blog post. )

Credit: Jackson film Blog
Translation by @WorldclassJJ +
@126X204 (full translation), Steph(@jaeholes) for proofreading
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