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Kim Jaejoong winning Best Male Newcomer Award for his acting in Dr. Jin as KyungTak

JJ: “Thank you. I won the Rookie award. I am very nervous now. Because my parents are here now. I don’t know why they came today of all days (laughs). I took the award (he said this to his parents). I am very glad to receive this award because this is an award that you can get only once. I worked hard to give a good performance. Actually at first I thought acting was something that I should do. But thanks to Dr Jin, acting became something I want to do. There are many people I want to thank. Yoochun who is sitting in front, thank you for being with me. Junsu who is not here, thank you also. Thank you very much.” (via Rubypurple_fan)


 Child actors from “The Moon embraces the Sun” and “Missing You” presentation. Yoochun and Jaejoong laughing so hard xD
Yoochun and Yoon Eunhye acting a short scene from drama Missing You
Yoochun wins Male Excellence Award (for a Mini-Series) for his role in Missing You as Han JungWoo!
JJ: “I like this guy a lot” before announcing the winner. (via Rubypurple_fan)
YC: “Thank you very much, everyone. the fresh flowers are heavier than i thought. i almost can’t hold them.
my family came today. i thank them for coming every year, not to see me but to see other actors (LOL), thanks! thank you all, filming is ongoing tightly. it is very cold at the end of the year, all the crew have worked hard, hope that viewers and friends can give us support. there are major and minor things this year. very happy to receive this award eventually, i will continue to work hard.” (via @chloe6002)
Jaejoong comments on Yoochun’s (off-key) singing of “Magic Castle” in “Missing You” and Yoochun follows by singing a live (on-key) snippet of it~^^
MC asks JJ about YC’s singing, JJ says “Yes he usually sings well” (via @ohmyjunsu)
Yoochun presenting for Top Male Excellence Award (with his ‘lover’ from “Missing You”)

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