JYJ′s Kim Jae Joong won another Rookie Award, following his win last year.

The singer-turned-actor won his award at the 2012 MBC Drama Awards, held on December 30, for his feats in the drama Dr. Jin.

Despite its being his first period piece, Kim Jae Joong made a perfect transformation to Kim Kyung Tak, delivering his lines with manly talent.


The award follows a Rookie Award he won last year with SBS. He made his first drama debut in Korea in 2011 with the SBS drama Protect the Boss, and managed to win the New Star Award at the SBS 2011 Drama Awards. The award means more to him as his team never performed on TV except through dramas.

Kim Jae Joong said, “I′ve won the Rookie Award. I′m shaking. My parents are here, and I don′t know why they decided to come today. I′ve won an award. I′m so happy that I′ve received the award they say you can only receive once in your life. At first I acted because I thought I had to, but through Dr. Jin, I came to feel that I want to act.”

He then added, “I want to thank [Park] Yoo Chun in front of me, for his support. I also want to thank [Kim] Junsu, who isn′t here right now.”

He later tweeted for his fans, “My second Rookie Award. I′ll take this to mean that I should work harder in the future. I want to thank director Han Hee, director Oh Jong Hyun, C-JeS′ [Baek] Chang Joo hyung (big brother) and my members Yoo Chun and Junsu. Last but not least, the fans who lead JYJ! I′ll repay your thankful love for the rest of my life.”

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Lil bit fact actually there are many interesting moment happen during this event which involved the soulmate.

First as we know Jaejoong and Yoochun sit in same table and actually the seating place is like this : Kim Jaejoong, Song Oksuk, Park Yuchun, Yoo Eunhye, Kim Sohyun, Jo Seungwoo but then…..naughty Yoochun, he switched his seat with Song Ok Soon’s because he want seat with jae LOL

Park JiBin gave flowers to JJ and YC. Jibin is a young actor who ever play as a little brother of Jan Di in Boys Before Flowers and he also used to follow JJ on twitter before. He is like a little brother for Jae

JJ and YC are gentlemen. They both stood up and greeted Song sshi when she arrived at their table.

After getting award, off the stage back to his seat, soon JJ shook hands with YC under the table

When Detective Kim Ahjussi won for Missing You, YC and JJ stood up and clapped for him!