when his Hyungs go together for received their awards, Junsu spend his time together with his fans and makes another memorable moment^^

It was a perfect harmony of skill and effort. JYJ member Kim Junsu presented 7,000 fans with a perfect performance that had them shaking with emotion.


On December 29 Kim Junsu held his 2012 Xia Ballad & Music Concert with Orchestra, and performed for 150 minutes with a live orchestra team.

After proving his skill with the success of his world tour and his first solo album Tarantallegra, Kim Junsu again showed off his charms in his recent all-live orchestra concert.

A rep from his agency C-JeS Entertainment told enews on December 30, “Because it was a year-end concert, we could see many families and lovers. Fans from Asia, including Japan, China and Thailand, and other regions such as North America and Europe, could also be seen, proving the success of his global tour.”

A choir, orchestra, band and pop chorus came together to make the performance look like one giant musical stage, and at other times helped Kim Junsu sing the ballads from his studio album as well as his OSTs.

Kim Junsu was applauded from start to finish for his explosive vocals and emotions. He also spent most of his time outside of singing onstage, talking with his audience and showing off his wit.

The concert started with a video showing a young Kim Junsu playing around in a vintage setting, with an adult Kim Junsu finding the child and pulling out a book full of memory. The book opened and Kim Junsu, who had fulfilled his dream, appeared onstage with a giant page of sheet music and his orchestra. The musical Mozart piece I Am Music played in the background.

Kim Junsu said, “Mozart is the piece that helped me perform in musicals for the first time, and gave me a meaningful award.”

He then went on to sing a piece from his other musical works Tears of Heaven and Elisabeth. Actress Kim Sun Young, who starred in a musical with Kim Junsu, appeared onstage as a guest singer to sing a piece from Tears of Heaven with him.

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In his ballad performances he sang I Believe and Perhaps It Is, followed by a performance of Really from Nice Guy as he played the grand piano onstage himself.

“The way the audience looked to me from onstage was beautiful. I′m happy that I can sing pieces that are meaningful to me with a live orchestra. I′m happy that we′ve talked a lot, and made a lot of happy memories,” he said.

A fan from Japan commented, “The artist Kim Junsu is like a genius. I was so touched by his performance with the live orchestra, and I couldn′t stop crying. It was a great, historic performance, and I wondered whether there would be any other artists like him.”

Fellow label mate Song Ji Hyo came to watch the show also. While singing Because You′re My Girl, he met with Song Ji Hyo as he held her hand while she was sitting in the audience.

Song Ji Hyo said, “I′m Kim Junsu′s label mate and I′m a big fan. All of his performances were touching and I had a special time crying and laughing with him. I felt Kim Junsu′s energy onstage is great.”

A rep from the orchestra said, “It′s difficult to hold a concert with an orchestra, but Kim Junsu did it. I can say that he′s the best vocalist with his emotional vocals and a leadership that brings together his orchestra and band. The audience showed their support for performances that were enhanced by the orchestra, such as the acoustic version of Tarantallegra. I′m happy that his sincerity reached the audience.”

Kim Junsu′s concert will be held again on December 31.

Source: enewsworld
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