The bright light shining the concert hall was turned off and on the big electric screen, veil was lifted.

Hello. I am XIA.

It is cold outside and traffic jam is happening on every street. You guys must have been through a lot to make it here, am I right?
… …
In return, today I shall perform an excellent concert.”

The show then started with a greeting video message for the audience.

“Do you still remember?
The house we drew at that time when we were still kids, the small room filled with toys, the old-fashioned sofa and ancient books soiled by our finger marks. In our eyes, the house used to be so big, the toys used to be so cool and the book used to look so mysterious… ”

Soon afterward, Kim Junsu appeared on the LEC screen. He opened a door to a vintage place where he used to run and play around in his childhood. Then, crossing the line between the present and his reminiscence, he found a child – his own self from the past, holding a book buried in old memories.

Then, a ‘little Junsu’ walked through the audience, went on stage and unfolded the book of dream on his hand. As if he has flied over time by a time machine, silhouette of the present Kim Junsu who has achieved his childhood dream was revealed on screen. Music has embodied his life. Along with a giant music sheet on screen, the ‘Genius singer’ appeared on stage and presented the first song painting ‘the whole life and freedom of a genius composer’ from the musical ‘Mozart!’ with the performance of a magnificent orchestra.

Just like a movie scene, that is the opening spectacle from the three-day ’2012 XIA Ballad&Musical Concert with Orchestra’ started on 29 Dec at D-Hall, Coex, Samsung-dong, Seoul. The ‘fantasy’ of Kim Junsu which touches the audience’s heartstrings throughout 150 minutes has started like that.

‘XIA Ballad&Musical Concert’ is a gift set filled with Kim Junsu’s favorite songs from musicals, ballads from his solo album and also his popular OST. Throughout the whole concert, his explosive singing ability and an all-live orchestra have created a perfect harmonization together.

Centered on musical songs, the first half of the concert placed more weight on harmony of the orchestra. Vocal chorus and orchestra have reenacted accurately the magnificence of a musical stage. The symphony of many string instruments, such as violin or cello, has added in more sorrow to songs that were already familiar to the fans like ‘I am I am music’ and ‘I can’t escape my destiny’ from musical ‘Mozart!’; ‘The tiger and the dove’ or the duet ‘Can you hear me’ from ‘Tears of heaven’ with Kim Sun Young.

Harmony with the band shined the most in the middle section centered on ballad such as ‘I hate love’ and ‘Even though I knew’. Harmonized well with the pop chorus, his appealing voice captured all eyes and ears of more than 7000 people in the audience. The ‘Lullaby’ that can melt every fan’s heart through its dance moves with beautiful dancers was rearranged into a ballad, which has stimulated its sweetness to the fullest.

Popular drama OST or favorite songs that he likes to sing in daily life were also newly interpreted, giving a whole new vitality to the songs. With harmonization of merely keyboard and guitar, the song ‘I believe’ and its realistic lyrics touched the heart of everyone in the audience. Meanwhile, the performance of his favorite song ‘It seems so’ is a stage that proves how powerful the beauty of his voice truly is.

Personally playing piano and singing, he has gifted the fans an unforgettable performance of ‘Really’, an OST of drama ‘Innocent man’. Sorrowful lyrics as well as beautiful melody of the popular song ‘Love is like snowflakes’ have dissolved into his sentiment and added in deep emotions. His latest digital single ‘Thank U for’ of which lyrics was written by his twin brother JUNO was a joyful and cute stage and as a surprise event for actress Song Jihyo who still came to the concert hall amidst busy schedules, he has interpreted a different and delightful version of Lee Seung Gi’s ‘Noona is my woman’.

Kim Junsu also showed his special attachment with the last song ‘Traces of sadness’ (Kanashimi wo Yukue). It was the first time he sang this song at a concert since the concert in Tokyo Dome 3 years ago and to him, “I really love this song to the point that it is not an exaggeration to say that I collaborate with an orchestra in this concert just to sing this song. I have wanted to sing it so much all the while but couldn’t.”

The acoustic version of ‘Tarantallegra’ for the encore stage was fresh and exceptional. Its arrangement flavored by funky rhythm matched well with the harmony from orchestra and gave off a charm totally different from the original.

Filled the concert hall with his own melody in 150 minutes, Kim Junsu promised“I will show everyone a better performance next time” and gave a 90-degree bow to the audience. The last page of Kim Junsu’s own music story ‘2012 XIA Ballad&Musical Concert’ has been turned over  like that, leaving behind deep emotion and reverberation.

Source: Withinnews
Translated by: XIAworld
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