Note: There are cameras in all the last photos, JYJ are probably going to release a Behind The Scenes Clip of this trip ^^

 Tyrone Niddy Buckner is JYJ‘s next album co-producer and from CJeS USA agency. (via @parksheena6004)

Credit: Tyrone Niddy Buckner FB
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‘Superclub puts out various art performances, including Opera and Cirque du Soleil, its a somewhat exclusive dinner theater type club.’ (Via Lisan)

hmm……..for all the cameras all around, it’s makes thinking about 3 Voices DVD maybe it’s for 3 Voices3, just like Hayato-san said before. hmm…i found some people still have problem when they saw the boys   partying it up, Well for myself, i don’t mind…….They are already grown up and heck they are nearly 30 years old……..so as long as they look happy i don’t mind