Park Yoo-Cheon confessed that Han Ji-Min shivered more when they had a kiss scene. Kim Min-Jong and Yoon Jin-Yi of ‘Gentle Man’s Dignity’ and Park Yoo-Cheon and Han Ji-Min of ‘Rooftop Prince’ received best couple award at ‘2012 SBS Acting Awards’.

Park Yoo-Cheon said, “I thought our couple fits well, and I am very thankful toward the award” and Han Ji-Min said, “I want to thank the fans, viewers and Park Yoo-Cheon.” To the question ‘Who shivered more while the kiss scene?’, Park Yoo-Cheon answered, “I shivered, but I tried to make Ji-Min shiver more than I did.” About this, Jeong Ryeo-Won showed jealousy.

Credit: Innolife
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