For three days, a total of 21,000 audience was moved and fascinated by the orchestra live concert. And, at the center of the concert was KIM JUNSU(XIA). Having the most influential solo activity in 2012, Kim Junsu(XIA), a member of JYJ, held a specially unique concert harmonizing musical and ballad, in D hall at Coex from December 29 to 31.

It was for the first time that an idol star performed 100 percent live concert with the all live orchestra and drew unexpectably enormous response. Kim Junsu put his heart and soul into singing, which received thunderous applause from the audience and fascinated them.

After the concert, many audience highly praised his performance with saying, “I came here with my love and we were greatly happy thanks to beautiful ballad songs,” His comments were very interesting and funny, so I and my friend had a happy time in the end of this year,” “His musical performance was so touching that I cried. It’s a marvelous live performance,” “Like the lyric of ‘I am I am Music’ he was melody, harmony, and music.”

During the 120-minute concert, Kim Junsu(XIA) sang major numbers of musical Mozart!, Tears of Heaven, and Elizabeth, with the orchestra. After the collaboration with musical actress Kim Sunyoung, he performed with his most popular ballad songs in 2012 such as ‘I hate Love,’ ‘Love is like a snowflake,’ ‘Even though I knew,’ ‘Thank you for’ and the others’ popular ballad songs including ‘Nuna is my girl,’ and ‘Truly.’

His encore performances were also ‘XIA’tic. Kim Junsu arranged the title song of his regular album Taranatallegra for acoustic version and also showed a powerful performance with drawing enthusiastic response from the audience.

Choi Juyoung, a music director of the concert, said, “Kim Junsu is a vocal who sings really greatly, and put every effort into showing the best. That’s why members of our orchestra or band tried their best to give perfect performance.” And he complimented him, saying, “All of us were touched by his performance. It’s really hard to sing with all live orchestra but he did it. Moreover, he was awesome completely controlling the stage only with his solo performance.”

Beck Changju, the chief of Cjes Entertainment said, “During the worldwide tour, it was very difficult to prepare decent equipment. Yet, it was Kim Junsu who gave the perfect, breathtaking performance.” He added, “That’s why we focused on such part while we were designing all live concert – the single content that no one but only Kim Junsu is able to show. Even veteran singers find it hard to lead 3-day all live concert but he did, touched many, and drew huge applause. This is Kim Junsu Power, and the outcome of the concert.”

“It’s awesome to see him incessantly trying to graft unpopular genre of musical onto his performance. This show how sincerely he sees the musical and how firm his decision is as a musical actor. It was very meaningful concert in various senses,” he commented.

The latest concert show the very magnificence of musical stage with classic chorus and orchestra. And with band and pop chorus, he presented ballad songs of his regular album and from drama OST. His stage was completed, and it touched hearts of the audience and drew enthusiastic applause and acclamation. Kim Junsu stayed almost all time on the stage and talked with the audience, fascinating the audience with his wit.

Kim Junsu(XIA) commented, “For those who love my songs and rush to watch my performance, what I can do is always showing the best stage with my every effort. For these three days I truly had a happy time.” And he added, “I believed those who love my songs would like me. This led us to this year-end concert. I’d like to express my gratitude and share the dream and feeling that I had, with the audience. And it was thrilling and happy being able to have such stage.”

On December 31, there was a special stage. In order to achieve his childhood dream, he sang Goose’s Dream with his mother. Kim Junsu(XIA) said, “My mother studied vocal music but gave up her dream of being a singer due to my grandfather’s objection. In my childhood, I promised my mother that I would sing together on the stage when I became a singer. Today I made that dream stage. I hope all of you keep your dream and will be happier in 2013.”

Kim Junsu’s was held at COEX from December 29 to 31 and all tickets were sold out right after tickets were open.

Source: NEWSen
Translated by: Chocolat for XIAHpress
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