[SPOILER/NEWS] 130103 JYJ Park Yoo Chun’s Triple Kiss Helps Yun Eun Hye Forget Her Troubles

Yun Eun Hye has earned the envy of women everywhere, after being showered with adorable kisses by JYJ’s Park Yoo Chun.

On January 2’s broadcast of MBC’s I Miss You, Lee Soo Yeon (Yun Eun Hye) starts to find out more information concerning the people around her. In an attempt to forget about all her troubles, she tells Han Jung Woo (Park Yoo Chun) that she went to buy yarn to knit.

Hoping that he can be of some help, Han Jung Woo cups Lee Soo Yeon’s face in his hands and proceeds to kiss her three times, mentioning, ‘ddukbokki,’ ‘soondae,’ and ‘cider’ three of Lee Soo Yeon’s favorite things.

Successfully distracting Lee Soo Yeon from her problems, Han Jung Woo then pulled out her childhood diary and recited, “The raindrops told me that I like you,” embarrassing Lee Soo Yeon in the process.

Han Jung Woo then sweetly hugs Lee Soo Yeon and tells her, “Continue to like me.”

Following the scene, viewers went to the online boards and commented, “How can I get this triple kiss?” “Where can I find a man like him?” and “Yun Eun Hye is a blessed woman.”

Meanwhile, in the same episode, Han Jung Woo finds out about the true identity of Harry Borrison (Yoo Seung Ho), who bursts into painful tears after finding out that his mother is alive, but cannot recognize her own son.

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[NEWS] JYJ’s Yoo Chun kisses Yoon Eun Hye on Missing You

Jung Woo (played by JYJ’s Yoo Chun) kisses Soo Yeon (played by Yoon Eun Hye).

In the episode of MBC TV’s drama series Missing You that aired on January 2, Jung Woo visits Soo Yeon’s shop.

When Soo Yeon says, “I don’t want to think about anything. I’m just going to handknit,” Jung Woo comes close to her, holds her face, and kisses her three times, saying, “Tteokbokki, Sundae, Sprite.”

Jung Woo takes out a love letter he received from Soo Yeon in the past and says, “The raindrop told me that I like you.” Feeling embarrassed, Soo Yeon tries to take it away from him.

At the moment, Jung Woo hugs her and says, “Please keep loving me.”

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[NEWS] 130103 Park Yoo Chun Goes Back to “I Miss You” Set Immediately After 2012 Award Ceremonies

2012 was the year of actor Park Yoo Chun.

At the year-end award ceremonies, Park Yoo Chun received multiple trophies. He was the winner of the Actor’s Award at “2012 MBC Acting Awards,” and received another Actor’s Award, Teenagers’ Star Award, Best Couple Award, and Viewers’ Choice Award at “SBS Acting Awards.”

Counting his past awards at KBS in 2010 for “Sungkyunkwan Scandal” and at MBC in 2011 for “Miss Ripley,” this means that Park Yoo Chun has won awards from all three main broadcasting agencies.

C-JeS Entertainment announced, “Shooting of ‘I Miss You’ was delayed because Park Yoo Chun had to attend the award ceremonies. Therefore immediately after the ceremonies, he had to return to the set. Park Yoo Chun is undergoing grueling schedule, but we are currently working on the very crucial part of the drama, so he is doing his best and working nonstop.”

It was later revealed that despite extreme fatigue, Park Yoo Chun was cheerful throughout the shoot.

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