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Review One

In music I find there to be a large difference between someone that just has vocal ability and someone that has soul. In searching through the music of popular stars’ for good music which contains soul, I came across a song from a JYJ member’s latest album. When I listened to it, I felt too impressed and frankly, the song shocked me. It was reminiscent of one of those electrifying, classic Gun’s and Roses songs and even I, a 36 year old man, felt fascinated by the progression and evolution of the mood of the song and for 2 hours I listened to it, never getting tired. You could hear the soul of the singer in every breath he took and I was listening I thought, this kind of vocal power… is it what you would call… unstoppable?

I could do nothing but praise it and wish that [the singer] will never lose the color and soul in his voice… good job Kim Jaejoong.


Review Two

The day before yesterday, I was looking at the new albums on Melon when suddenly from the screen I saw two big eyes looking at me.

I became curious—who was this person? So I clicked on his song, ‘One Kiss’.

As soon as it started playing I knew that this was unlike any song that I have heard from an idol and as I listened to the music I thought… wow

It had the feel of an American or British rock song.

Above all else, Kim Jaejoong’s rock vocals gave me the feeling of being like David Bowie or T.Rex (t/n: classic British glam rock band). In our country, we lack that sexy and decadent rock genre that was brought by Kim Jaejoong’s husky vocals mixed with the electronic music. Oh, this is the kind of popular music I want.

As far as I know, idols these days just follow their agency and the agency’s composers. Because of that, this idol era seems a bit pathetic when it comes to music. The Korean pop music scene is dominated only by worries about chart rankings or performances in various events. It leads people to think that  Korean pop music is just constantly the same old thing. But when I listened to Kim Jaejoong’s ‘One Kiss’, it was like a breath of fresh air. I felt a sense of excitement as I listened to the lyrics mixed with the sounds of the guitar, bass, and drums. It was finally a domestic band that had a talented and advanced sound.

So I looked up the song!

And I saw that the musical composition was done by none other than Kim Bada.

Because he is a big deal, I wondered why I didn’t hear about it before. haha

And of course the vocals which I liked so much were from Kim Jaejoong…but the reports that he was the lyricist as well surprised me the most.

The lyrics “Heaven shines down on you”~~they stuck with me and I found that part to be especially good while I’m running on the treadmill. haha

I read that Kim Jaejoong has a tough situation with appearing on television in order to promote. But for people who have no interest in idols, like me, the internet really is the best way for us to discover these artists.

I hope the agency will promote this song well.

The song hook is still stuck in my head even without me noticing it. I wish everybody could hear it so that Kim Jaejoong’s talents will not go to waste.

I think that Kim Jaejoong has a long, long future in music and I hope he continues to carefully collaborate with other great musicians and artists.

In conclusion: Great song; hope it’s promoted well.


Review Three

There is a feeling that comes after listening to a good song.
When the lyrics and the tone of the song blend together so well, creating a mood where a person can become introspective.
When you listen to the song, you can slowly think about anything that you want for those almost four minutes, and the weight from your shoulders will vanish.
It’s almost like watching a two hour movie and hearing a song being played in it, and in that whole movie it’s that one song that expresses the heart or the mood.
It’s a song that when you listen to it can inspire you to write or create.

So, that is a good song to me.

Kim Jaejoong’s solo song One Kiss is meaningful to me in all of those senses.
After hearing it I went, on the suggestions of his fans, and listened to his older songs like the Japanese Maze, which combined orchestra and band music, and made me feel as though I was listening to something from a musical.
The atmosphere of those songs was fun, but I am glad that he is now “growing” and you can see the evolution of his voice and style twenty fold in his new song.
In fact, I think it was only because he has been working for 10 years as a singer and has gone through all the various growing pains of the business that he is able to sing a song such as One Kiss.
If he had sang this song four years ago, it would have lacked the depth of emotions and passion. However he waited four years to make this kind of song, and the results are immaculate.

I couldn’t know, because I was born as me
About this common kiss and rough heart
You taught me how to find memories that had been hidden

These lyrics, perhaps I myself might have written them as I walked through life?
Had he gone into my dreams and extracted these feelings from them?
I think the “you” in Kim Jaejoong’s lyrics is different for each person, but it created a stimulus for me to want to rise up again and live my life with passion.
These are lyrics that connect with living in the current, Kim Jaejoong’s words are the words of all the male and female youths in their 20s.

Is it too late?
At the narrow crossroads you put wings on me
And from those people whom you have placed wings on, we thank you

From what little I have seen, you are a person who is radiant and glowing on stage.
Please continue to sing on it.
And thank you for singing this song.


Review Four

Hello. I am from the Kim KyungHo gallery (t/n: Kim KyungHo is a famous Korean rock artist)
This is the first time that I am coming into the Kim Jaejoong gallery so it is nice to meet you.
A friend of mine who is a Jaejoong fan referred me to his video since she knows I like rock, and I took a look.
I really loved his voice and the mood of his song.
I will admit that I love dramas and I have seen Protect the Boss and Dr. Jin before so I am not completely a muggle.
What do you call a person in such a position as mine?
I have not been following his musical career, however.
Because I thought idol fans generally tend to like pretty people over talent.

However, when I heard the material from Jaejoong I thought his voice was well suited to my tastes.
My friend then had a good idea, she wanted to show me his past performances in live venues.
After hearing his old music I knew that I was correct in thinking that Jaejoong’s voice seemed to be made particularly for my tastes.
It is a voice that makes me feel as though my heart is seized.
Jaejoong’s voice is truly original and hard to match.
And the way that he expresses himself on stage captures all of his feelings.
Of course, during his old performances he was young and sang a variety of songs. And so, sometimes had trouble controlling the treble tone of his voice…
But for being so young, the level of competence he showed in the [rock] genre was something I did not think possible.
Jaejoong, even if it’s hard, I hope that you will continue to sing rock.
Because of you, rock is becoming more accessible to the public and the rock ballad genre suits you.
Even when you were five and had to sing only your company’s music, your emotions shone the best when you were singing rock.
It makes me want to hear more from you.
This is just a half-Muggle’s wishful thinking, nothing more.

I cannot explain how happy I am that Jaejoong’s solo is rock music.
In addition, he is working with skillful musicians.
The song that I heard from him will not let me go.
I don’t think it’s a song that can disappoint.

Today I was reading some posts about Jaejoong…
And the reality he is facing, though I prayed hard that it wasn’t true.
Unlike the other popular singers, when he has a new song there will be trouble with broadcasting and publicity, I’ve heard.
I came here and wrote this long post because I wanted say that I will help if I can.
Even though I am not a part of the fandom, I know that because of you great results can happen and I want to join that, through streaming or spreading this song more. Maybe I am thinking too much?
But after hearing this song, I wanted to convey my thoughts of support. It was a song that touched me and I wanted to give back to Kim Jaejoong…
Even if my only contribution is writing these type of needlessly long posts.

Jaejoong’s singing is very good.
This album is certainly a good idea.
And the song that I have heard, One Kiss, is a good song.
So for his fans, please continue fighting!
Granted, even if the streaming is enough to rank in the top, he still might not appear on television.
But to prepare music and just to be a singer itself is a difficult task
And even if he is not able to promote like others, the result of all his hard work is not any less rewarding.
I will be sure to cheer this album and also follow the future development of the musician Kim Jaejoong.


Translated by: Yule @ PrinceJJ
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