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Note: Unlike the previous reviews PrinceJJ has translated, this one is written by a fan.

In the morning light, it tickled my heart like a lapping wave. I was so excited with anticipation.
While the soul waking up from sleep was reciting some murmurs, this melody came to my ears
Born free sadly but one kiss one heart…
That one kiss that we share with a slowed breath

Eyes closed, I feel it in these complicated emotions
Oh I’ll try to show you, a free world~
Open your bandaged eyes, a sharp leap and soar to a free world

Why didn’t come my way
Isn’t it too late? My way in silence
You who put the wings on me at the narrowed crossroad, you who showed me the way to heaven
The closed door that I locked upon myself, the shouting that I throw into the world in silence

Because I was born as me, I didn’t know about that common kiss, that rough heart
You who show me the door to the hidden memories ~
Just like rock music that emphasizes on vocal, the synthesizer doesn’t overdo but supports the vocal
My head kept nodding even thought the tempo is not fast. The harmony of the bass and the drums made my body sway to the beat

I’m feeling oh my way
Isn’t it too late? My way in silence
You who put the wings on me at the narrowed crossroad,
you who reflect on heaven, reflect on heaven
Like an eagle mightily flying to heaven, to find an exit among the hidden memories
Wheeling over the nest, hovering
Rocker Jaejoong started to blow up with a powerful voice in rough high note and the rocker’s sense which was sleeping inside him

I’m feeling one kiss one heart
I’m feeling one kiss one heart
Against the setting dusk… you show your back when you fly to the sky where the rainstorm begins
The beautiful soar of rocker Jaejoong
Who is the owner of the kiss and the heart which enlightened him…?
On his road of flying to the sky, countless people will be willing to be his “you”

“One Kiss” (Lyricist – Kim Jaejoong/Composer – Kim Bada/Arranger – Shaun)

“One Kiss” makes use of a full synthesizer, but the song combined with Kim Jaejoong’s husky treble voice, contains the base of rock elements such as hard playing of the drums and crunchy guitar sounds. (Detailed Tracklist Info on Jaejoong’s Solo Album, “Mine”)

One Kiss is a story about the world of a young man.
Although it’s sad and vague, although it will be soon forgotten memories, it’s the story of any of you, the story that lasts a life time.
As a story that everyone cherishes, it’s a song dedicated to all of you who are living on the memories. (Introduction on Naver Music)

‘One Kiss’ is also a rock ballad masterpiece like ‘For you’ or ‘It’s only my world’ that Jaejoong sang on concert stage in the meantime.
Jaejoong who always expresses his yearning for ‘Rock’ will release his 1st solo album, the first ROCK with his name on it.
Although he has performed an outstanding rock song called ‘Maze’ in Japan, in Korea, not many people know about it but only fans.
This ‘rock album’ is an opportunity to showcase his hidden rock sensibility and explosive vocal which occasionally shone within the group.

Rock singing method…
Because he was main vocal of (former) DBSK and only got used to SMP, to sing rock music, he has learned quite many superfluous singing methods
In Japan, they prefer fine and pure voice…
It was not easy for Kim Jaejoong who mainly sang OST ballads only in the meantime, because of the lawsuit with former agency…
But I’m thankful that during such short preparation period, he managed to give out a lot and learn a lot.

This time, his song is better than any rock ballad he has sung before.
We can taste Jaejoong rock with ‘One Kiss’. It was composed by Kim Bada, a big senior in the rock music world
I can’t wait to hear ‘MINE’ which is more of hard rock than ‘One Kiss’.

Mind you, when it comes to rock, the high-pitched climax hit with bare voice in a state of trance is the most attractive…
In ‘One Kiss’, Jaejoong’s voice flies up so easily, as if he puts his wings on, resonates with air and play tug-of-war.

The synthesizer and instruments behind Jaejoong’s voice makes me feel that way even more.
The background music is like the spreading wings. It feels like Jaejoong’s voice breaks the firmament apart.
I’ll take this moment to express my gratitude. Thank you very much Bada-neunim. ‘One Kiss’ is such an awesome song!!!! ㅠㅠㅠㅠ (Why am I crying? ㅋㅋ)

I’m a rock fanatic. To me, rock ballad is the most emotional among various genres.
Even without specific knowledge about rock,
With appealing voice, the trebles that come from the inside of the rockers always make me feel misty and filled with wanderlust
Addicted to the vocalist of Dream Theater, I replayed ‘Another Day’ for a few months.
I once went past the interchange by mistake on the way home because I was listening to that song
Learning about Jaejoong’s voice in ‘One Kiss’, unconsciously I shed tears because of his rough vibration and vague emotion.
Who shed tears because some song is so awesome? It’s me!!!!

I have been waiting for his rock song for so long
I also like his pure and clear timbre
But his husky voice, which has the power to make my heart bloom even in bitter conditions, is too dear to me
I’m a former rock fan who tried to find and listen to every short high-pitched part of him in the group songs
This mini-album MINE containing his rock music that I awaited in tears brings my drought to an end.

He doesn’t overdo it. A little controlled, faithful to the basics, after this song ‘One Kiss’ which was made for the debut of rocker Jaejoong, I’m impatiently waiting for ‘Mine’
This former rock fan, this fanatic of Jaejoong’s high-pitched husky voice is still very… hungry
Jaejoong’s intense and energetic sounds pouring down along with magnificent sounds of guitar and insanely galloping synthesizer
I’m waiting with overflowing anticipation for Jaejoong’s hectic performances in the concert venue

Glam rock

It’s a fascinating ‘rock, one of the trends of rock music that developed in the UK in early 1970
Glam rock visuals peaked during the mid-1970s with representative artists: T. Rex, David Bowie, Roxy.
Due to sensational fashion and decadent atmosphere, it received enthusiastic support from young people.

Androgynous fashion and decadent atmosphere
Musically, sometimes you can taste the stringed instruments of Rock ‘n’ roll and hard rock from 1960s
It had great influence on punk rock, pop-metal (especially, LA metal), and some sexy female artists like Madonna.


Translated by: Hannah @ PrinceJJ
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