Before he was a vampire rock star, JYJ’s Kim Jae Joong made his solo debut as an actor in the drama and movie world.

Since not all singers are meant to be actors, some people were a bit skeptical about Kim Jae Joong’s transition into acting, but fortunately, he was able to put those worries to rest, even earning a few awards here and there.

Before we get completely engrossed in Kim Jae Joong’s new challenge as a singer, let’s look back on the first steps he took to become an actor.


Taegukgi/The Brotherhood of War (2003)

Not many people know this, but Kim Jae Joong surprisingly ′acted′ in this heart-wrenching war movie about two brothers.

Kim Jae Joong admitted on KBS′ Happy Together in 2009 that he was an extra as one of the 10,000 soldiers that appeared on screen.

It was before he made his official debut as a TVXQ member and was struggling to get by financially, which pushed him to take the job.

Has anybody spotted the singer in the movie?


Heaven’s Postman (2009)

Aside from little projects here and there, Heaven’s Postman could considered Kim Jae Joong’s big leap into professional acting.

Kim Jae Joong transformed into Shin Jae Jun, who delivered letters to loved ones in heaven from their families on earth. During his daily route, Kim Jae Joong gets caught by Jo Ha Na, played by Han Hyo Joo, who was on her way to send a letter of resentment to her boyfriend who died too early.

After accepting the unbelievable circumstances, the two begin sending replies to the families as Han Hyo Joo starts falling in love with the warm-hearted postman.


Protect the Boss (2011)

Kim Jae Joong gave viewers an extremely hard time with second lead syndrome in SBS’ Protect the Boss as the cold and greedy Cha Mu Won.

As he fights against his rival and cousin, Cha Ji Heon (Ji Sung), to steal the family company, Cha Mu Won begins to fall in love with the tough Noh Eun Seol (Choi Kang Hee), who he has assigned to make Cha Ji Heon’s miserable.

Things only get more complicated when Cha Ji Heon starts having good feelings for Noh Eun Seol as well.

With his realistic acting, filled with his hilarious interactions with Ji Sung, Kim Jae Joong made a successful debut in his first primetime drama, even winning the New Star Award at the SBS Drama Awards that year.


Time Slip Dr. Jin (2012)

Kim Jae Joong stars as Kim Kyung Tak, the illegitimate son of an upperclassman, who tries his best to impress his father, excelling in everything he does.

Young Rae, played by Park Min Young, becomes the only person who can melt through his hard exterior.

But when a 21st century doctor (Song Seung Hun) suddenly appears and starts to sway the heart of Young Rae and threaten Young Rae and Kyung Tak’s engagement, Kyung Tak grows colder, determined to do whatever it takes to keep Young Rae by his side.

Despite low ratings, Kim Jae Joong’s portrayal was heartbreaking as he sought for his father’s approval and dealt with the love of his life leaving his side.

Kim Jae Joong took the Male Rookie Award at the MBC Acting Awards for his role.


The Jackal is Coming (2012)

After such a heavy drama, Kim Jae Joong went the comedic route, appearing in The Jackal is Coming as superstar Choi Hyun, who is unfortunately kidnapped by hit woman Bong Min Jung (Song Ji Hyo).

But what happens when your kidnapper turns out to be your biggest fangirl and the person who hired the kidnapper is your ex-girlfriend?

Through a series of twisted events, Choi Hyun and Bong Min Jung end up helping each other through the job.

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Maybe because it’s talk about Jae’s carrier as an actor in Korea so they don’t put Sunao Ni Narenakutte (2010) on that list since that was Jdrama. In there he played with Keita, Ueno Juri, etc and the writer for that drama is the same person with the one who write Heaven postman (Eriko Kitagawa).  He got an award for Best Supporting Awards through that drama too and i guess he is the first Korean idol who got chance to acting in Japan and also the first Korean idol who won an award on Japan drama award (please correct me if i am wrong)

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