“I want to be your cat for just one day, Oh Baby.”If you’ve been a Kim Jae Joong fan since day one, then you know these lyrics are from TVXQ’s debut single Hug. A little weird, yes, but after delving into Kim Jae Joong’s cat obsession, we thought: Why wouldn’t you want to be Kim Jae Joong’s cat for just one day (Oh Baby).

There are Facebook pages and blogs dedicated to Kim Jae Joong′s cat JiJi, and we′ve rounded up some of our favorite photos.

Don’t blame us if you turn into a cat lady after reading this.

JiJi as a kitten. Kim Jae Joong fans have watched the idol star′s furry friend grow up over the years.

Somehow we think JiJi is the boss in the Kim household.

For the first time, we have no words. If we could express cooing noises in words, we would. Trust us.

Just when we thought JiJi couldn′t get any cuter, we fell upon this bundle of joy. And died.

JiJi appears to have passed out too.

When Kim Jae Joong returned to Twitter, he came bearing this little gift for fans.

Photo credit: Kim Jae Joong′s Twitter

Source : Enewsworld

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