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Han Jung Woo proposes to Lee Soo Yeon—”Will you marry me?”

In the episode of MBC’s Wednesday-Thursday series Missing You that aired on January 16, Lee Soo Yeon (played by Yoon Eun Hye) doesn’t know what to do, planning to give Han Jeong Woo (played by Park Yoo Chun) a ring.

Showing up unexpectedly at Soo Yeon’s working studio, Jung Woo gives her a yellow umbrella with her name tag. The umbrella, a kind of token that reminds them of their memory of adolescence, was given to Jung Woo by Soo Yeon.

Jung Woo says, “Giving away a sole umbrella on a rainy day means giving everything, right? I’m going to tell that to my child when I have one. That’s what you do when you’re in love.”

Kneeled down before Soo Yeon, Jung Woo proposed to her. “Lee Soo Yeon, a love interest of a crazy rabbit, Han Jung Woo’s first love. Will you marry me?” Jung Woo says, giving her a ring.

“Will you marry me on the first day of snowing this year?” he says. Soo Yeon accepts his proposal by saying, “I wish it snowed in no time.”

Then Jung Woo tries to kiss her. Soo Yeon stops him, saying, “Hold on” and gives him a ring that she was going to give him. She goes on, “The ring I prepared is for the wedding day. Now let’s call it a day.”

Surprised, Jung Woo smiles with happiness and says, “It’s a good thing that I wasn’t in a hurry. That was a close call.”

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[TRANS] Jaejungie MV is really daebak right?

[TRANS] It is addictive. Please do watch it a lot^^

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Lyrics by Kim Jaejoong
Music by Kim Bada


Neon jidokhae
Byeonge geollin saramgata neon
Bimyeong sok gin pokjue ppajin dok
Imi nan iksukhan dok

Wae ireoke sikkeureopge sori jireulkka (okay)
Kkumeul kkaejulge wae heomuhae

Yeogin ojima naui badaya
Saenggakjido motan geotgwa ssaugi bappa
Nae badaya naui badaya
Nareul bichun taeyang majeo gariryeo hajima


Dalkomhan kwaerageun neomu dara
Nal ontong samkyeo beoryeo

Wae ireoke sikkeureopge hago danilkka (okay)
Ullyeopeojige marhalge

Yeogin ojima naui badaya
Yeogimajeo oyeomdoe eobeorilkka duryeowo
Nae badaya naui badaya
Nareul bichun taeyang majeo gariryeo hajima


Naui badaya
Nareul bichun taeyan gmajeo gariryeo hajima


 You are dreadful like a person who was taken ill
The poison I spat out from running wildly, mixed with screams
The poison I am already familiar with. 

Why scream like that noisily? 

 OK I’ll wake you up from your dream.
Why, feeling empty? 

 Don’t come here It’s my ocean
I’m busy fighting with the pain that I never expected 

 It’s my ocean, my ocean
Don’t hide even the sun that shines on me 


The honeyed pleasure is so sweet
It wholly swallows me up 

 Why move around like that noisily?
OK I will let my words reverberate
Don’t come here It’s my ocean 

I’m fearful that it too might get contaminated 

 It’s my ocean, my ocean
Don’t hide even the sun that shines on me 

Don’t, it’s my ocean
Don’t hide even the sun that shines on me

[Another Lyrics Trans]

You’re like a person who has a strong sickness
A poison that is spat out with congested screams
A poison that is already familiar with me

Why are you screaming so noisily? Okay
I’ll wake you up from the dream – why, do you feel empty?

Don’t come here, this is my ocean
Don’t think about it, I can’t help you, I’m busy fighting
This is my ocean, my ocean
Don’t try to cover even the sun that shines on me

 The sweet pleasure is too sweet, it swallows me whole

Why are you going about so noisily? Okay
I’ll tell you so that it rings out loud and clear

Don’t come here, this is my ocean
I’m scared that even this place might be contaminated
This is my ocean, my ocean
Don’t try to cover even the sun that shines on me
This is my ocean, don’t try to cover even the sun that shines on me

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Korean Lyrics :

Translated by: Sofia and Nikki (126×204) via JYJ3 + Pop!gasa

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First Junsu with his tarantallegra now Jae with MINE…..The lyrics from the song really a very clear message. Somehow i got the feeling if Yoochun write a lyrics and made some song right now, it’s really gonna be more bold like ‘song without name part 1′ before……Jaejoong Fighting!!!!!

Finally Jaejoong MINE MV is come out >_<

Related to news about Jaejoong’s mini album and his FM  from 130114 -130116 u can read it in HERE

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When first time i watch it i am really speechless……my eyes became O_O……. I need the lyrics now since i don’t understand Hangul but from the MV, it’s like about a loneliness that he feels ,it’s time for breaking the chains that always tied him from the past, and the most important is about being free to do anything that he want also leave from those darkness. Another note : Jae have a new tattoo again >_<

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Park Yoo Chun and Yoon Eun Hye of MBC Wednesday-Thursday series Missing Yourecently had good time together playing at a playground.

On January 16, stills of Park (plays the role of Han Jung Woo) and Yoon (plays the role of Lee Soo Yeon) having a date at a playground in the middle of the night from the series were released.

They were wearing the same muffler that they bought together. The couple smiled the whole time as if they were so happy to spend time together.

The playground was nostalgia and love for both of them. Han and Lee have met each other for the first time at the playground and decided to become friends fourteen years ago. And after fourteen years have passed, Lee used to look at Han from far behind him at the playground.

This is why their happy playground scene means a lot to the series.

People responded: “The playground scene always makes me feel warm.” “They have been missing each other for so long and I want them to be happy together!” “I’m so sad that I will not able to see this beautiful couple soon.”

The series, which has only two episodes left, is drawing a lot of attention with its ending. The twentieth episode of the series will air on January 16 at 9:55 p.m.

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part 2


Junsu likes older or younger women?


Junsu = Mozart genius?

Why didn’t Junsu learn Gweeyomee(Cutie)


Talk Compilation

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