JYJ’s Kim Jun Su was recently selected as the most popular foreign artist in China.

Kim received 63.7 percent of the approval rating and was selected as the most popular foreign artist by BTV variety show Music Billboard. Justin Beiber ranked second and Madonna ranked eighth.

On the January 8 episode of the show, Kim ranked first thanks to his single “Thank U For,” which was released in Christmas season.

Kim has become even more popular in China in 2012. Music videos for his first solo EP title “Tarantallegra” and his single “Uncommitted” ranked first on Yin Yue Tai, the biggest Chinese music video chart.

When Kim arrived at Shanghai Pudong International Airport in July, 2012 to hold his concert, over 1,000 fans and 20 media outlets have gathered to see him.

Kim successfully completed the ’2012 XIA Ballad & Musical Concert with Orchestra’ at the end of the last year.

Source: Starnews
 en.Korea via JYJ3
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