JYJ’s Yoo Chun recently talked about his thoughts on the drama series Missing You before shooting the last episode of the series.

On January 15, Yoo Chun, who is currently playing the lead role of Jung Woo in MBC TV’s drama series Missing You, talked about his thoughts on shooting the last two episodes of the series.

Yoo Chun said, “So many things came up in my mind as I now have two more episodes to shoot. It was a sad drama series that I was emotionally involved in. I love and feel for my character, Jung Woo. I want to protect him. I think he will live for people he wants to protect until the end. Please look forward to the last two episodes of the series.”

Jung Woo, the character Yoo Chun portrays, is a person who has lived his life for Soo Yeon, his first love he lost fourteen years ago. Jung Woo protects people who are related to Soo Yeon, including Soo Yeon’s mother, after leaving his family.

Many viewers are wondering about the ending of the series. The series will be over on January 17.

Source: Starnews
 en.Korea via JYJ3
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