[Tweet Compilation: Short Translation of Fan Account]

Ruby of JYJ3 (rubypurple_fan)

A fan saw JJ in the bank today and got an autograph. JJ signed at the back of her concert ticket.

JJ’s lock screen is ‘Mine’ images. The fan saw coz he looked at his phone to check the date.

Fan: “A shining man went in and he looks like he is gliding. It’s JJ!!! ” lmao.

Fan: “He doesn’t have make up but he is glowing~ Perfect skin~ asjhdajsdhadh”

Hannah (The_little_pear)

Oh oh Jaejoong was wearing a very-light-blue tracksuit + worker boots of similar color (seemingly) + military jacket :”>

He was wearing both the hat of the tracksuit and the hat of his jacket. Only had wallet and cellphone in his hands and
went there alone xD

That fan didn’t have a pen with her so Jaejoong went to the bank slip and used a pen there to sign for her xD


The fan said she goes to that bank a lot and always greets the security guard. The security guard congratulated her on JJ’s sig[n] XD

Source: JYJ DC Gallery
Translation Credit: Ruby (rubypurple_fan) of JYJ3 + The_little_pear + ohmyjunsu
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