A Sneak Peek Through Prologue and Episode Preview

The 20th episode of the drama left off at Han Tae-joon (Han Jin-hee) taking away Lee Soo-yeon (Yoon Eun-hye), and Jung-woo stepping into the shed that left him and Soo-yeon traumatized 16 years ago to find Soo-yeon.

While Jung-woo and Soo-yeon had proposed to each other, and Jung-woo had obtained the critical evidence pointing to Harry’s serial killing, the preview movie of the next episode showed Soo-yeon shaking with fear, Harry wailing with blood on his hands, and someone undergoing an emergency surgery, pointing to the fact that the ending may not be as happy as we think.

The prologue of the drama showed Han Jung-woo pointing a gun at someone, collapsing as if he had been shot, and Harry wailing with blood on his hands next to a prone and immobile body of a man, suggesting a tragic ending. Some have raised the possibility of the sad ending on the Internet as well, while most wish for a happy ending for the tragic protagonists.

Many are asking for a happy ending of the poor protagonists in the official homepage of the drama. Viewers wish to see Soo-yeon and Jung-woo being reunited and happy despite their tragic past.

A representative of the drama commented that “we cannot confirm the ending until the filming of the drama is wrapped up” and “everyone in the set has thought about the ending of the drama”.

He continued, “since the beginning of the drama and Lee Soo-yeon’s rape, ‘I Miss You’ has contained those who live with wounds and those who gave the wounds” and “in some respect, I think the drama’s ending will be the one which depicts and heals their wounds”.

The production conference of the drama on last year’s December also dropped hints of the drama’s ending as well.

Park Yoochun, on the question of the projected ending of the drama, commented “we actors and staff often come together to talk about it, and we probably have to wait for the episodes to say definitely, but some of us think that happy ending wouldn’t be so suitable” and “the director thinks that the happy ending wouldn’t work and I also believe that sad ending would be better for the drama”.

He commented, “I think the drama would be better if it ended on a sad and dark tone, rather than bright, whether it be tragic or not” and “the drama then will have an impact on both the viewers and us”.

Despite the drama’s foreshadowing and implications hinting a sad ending for the protagonists, the real ending for the drama will have to wait until the drama’s airing on 17th.

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