[TRANS] GET Jaejoong-ie hyung’s album!!!! As expect of my hyung~ Fabulous ♥♥ Buy buy everyone ~~!!!!


[TRANS] Jaejoong’s new album. With my dongsaengs Jin Yihan, Seungwoo, Seo Inwoo hehe Jaejoong’s fanclub members. Jaejoong-ah we love you


[TRANS] Wish you great success Kyungtakkie.. hehe

[TRANS] We’re members of Jaejoong fanclub ♥


[TRANS] My brother!!! Wish you success!!!


[TRANS] A simple celebration at My Hong to celebrate Jaejungie’s album sale day. We bought the album and received the autograph. Jin Yi Han, Lee Seung Hyun, Jaejung, Noel’s Sanggon-ie, FACE Yin Woo and Me. We are totally Jaejung’s fans.

[TRANS] Please love our Jaejungie’s new album a lot and even the MV is daebak daebak. Jaejung is the best

[TRANS]  Jaejungie took off his jacket so I put it on. I did it according to the album jacket picture concept. It’s the same concept but different feeling kekeke

[TRANS]  This is Jaejungie’s jacket keke

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[TRANS] Jaejoong-sshi’s music. It’s truly Glam. So Cool!

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