Chains, vampire fangs and eerie color contacts — oh my. Jaejoong swoops in on dark wings in his gothed-out MV for “Mine,” the second track released from his first solo mini-album. Are you ready for a bite of Jaejoong’s new rock sound?

“You’re bad for me (but I want you anyway)” is a familiar thread in angsty K-pop songs, but until now, not many have taken it quite to “It’s like you’re diseased //Poison that runs wild, screaming” levels. Ambitious. And a little creepy. We like it. 

The question is, do you?

With all this leather, copious amounts of eyeliner and dark themes, it’s safe to say that “Mine” is familiar ground for fans who also follow J-rock and visual kei. Musically, it’s like the lovechild of  Japan’s L’Arc~en~ciel and the US’ Evanescence with a distinctive JYJ voice thrown in the mix.

At the very least, if there was any doubt that rock legend Kim Bada really was impressed with Jaejoong’s rock chops, that doubt ran out of the church screaming bloody murder after seeing this MV.

Source: MTVK
Credit: PrinceJJ

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