Kim Bada of ‘Art of Parties’ lent his weight [to the song] as a composer. The solid drum line and rendition of synthesizer on guitar backing gives the sound of a rock ballad a lively vibe through the incorporation of pop’s softness. With this, the protagonist of the song, who has a clear yet husky voice, combined with a strong foundation in singing ability, performs what one can call an excellent piece of vocal acting while walking a fine line between the sweetness of ballad and the wildness of rock.

The single One Kiss, is from his first solo album. If you think about his career as a singer, you can’t say it is not late. But if you consider his solo concert slated at the end of this month, the timing couldn’t get more appropriate. With this, he has presented JYJ fans a single that is full of rock sounds and serves as a fun comparison point to Kim Junsu’s album that puts emphasis on contemporary R&B sound. It is a high-riding piece of music that enlarges his career as an artist and brings a diversity of colors to the group JYJ.

Translation Note:
1. Art of Parties is a newly launched rock band by Kim Bada
2. Just in case you complain about the score 3.5, I ask you to compare it to the scores that other artists’ songs have received from IZM. (LinkThis is a very high score they have given! And for your information, IZM is one of the most credible music review sites in South Korea.


Source: IZM
Translated by: Sofia and Nikki
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