JYJ’s activities in Japan seem to be resume as last.

“The ruling of the lawsuit on JAN 18 decided that AVEX cannot interfere in JYJ’s activities in Japan”, confirmed by C-JeS Entertainment, the management company of JYJ.

It also added, “As soon as the full written judgement, we will release official press release”.

JYJ filed a lawsuit against AVEX, claiming AVEX interfered in JYJ’s Charity Concert to help Japanese Earthquake victims in 2011[2011 JYJ Unforgettable Live in Japan].

With this ruling in Japan, it is expected that JYJ might resume its activities in Japan where the group has high popularity.

Source: Nate
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[NEWS] JYJ wins lawsuit against Japanese management Avex

Following their settlement with SM Entertainment last year, JYJ seems to have rid themselves of another lawsuit by claiming victory against their former Japanese management, Avex.

C-JeS Entertainment confirmed the news by commenting, “During the trial in Japan on the 18th, it was ruled that Avex cannot interfere with the Japanese promotional activities of JYJ.”

They added, “Once the exact decision documents arrive, we will send out a press release.”

The group has been battling Avex since 2011 on the basis of interfering with the group’s attempt to put on a charity concert for the Tohoku earthquake.

With this ruling, it seems that JYJ may be able to start promoting in Japan again.

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Congratulation My Boys !!!!! u guys really proved that even though u guys only 3 young mens with a small company, u can won the battle that many people thought your never gonna win it.I am sure noone from those people predict this result.

Related to SM, at first people usually gonna say : it’s difficult for you to against a big company, you never gonna win, you are gonna disappeared after can’t appear on any broadcast for a long time like the previous group who against that company, etc because before the boys, there are no group who can survive from those unfair treatment and even though there are a group who can get out from the company but after that they split again and more focus to their solo carrier because of the unfair treatment. So i guess JYJ is the first group who can really survive as a group over these unfair treatment. The boys not only success spread their wings to international worlds as a group but also success on their solo project and reach many different area such acting, musical, stage director, producer,CEO,etc. (please correct me if i am wrong related to the survivor of the unfair treatment matter).

Like i said before it’s doesn’t matter how big or how powerful a company or how large the connection that the company have or how dirties way that those company used..if you the right one then don’t afraid and never give up !!! because no matter what happen there are always gonna be a way to get out from the problem. Beside God (Allah) knew everything.

Everything gonna be okay and everything that we want gonna be on our hand in the right time, we just need a patient, a work hard and keep believing to God and also to yourself.

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