Alright, so Jaejoong’s music video came it and it’s full of imagery and symbolism that I can’t leave alone. This is me attempting to crack some of the images and symbols depicted in the video to the best of my ability, and it’s just my interpretation. These could be wrong and I’m probably missing some things.

Going to warn you now, there may be some spelling/grammar errors since I wrote most of this before I had my morning coffee.


The very first scene is Jaejoong surrounded by trees, his hand on a nearby branch, while snow falls around him. Trees are often symbols of growing and knowledge. As he’s holding on to a branch, it suggests that he has access to this growth (his own growth as well as the growth of his skills) and knowledge, but he may not control it completely.

The next thing we see is an owl turning it’s head to face us. Owls represent wisdom, and in this case it may be seen as a realization of something.

Back to Jaejoong and the trees, Jaejoong turns his head to look around, as if he’s lost or confused. This may suggest that while he is surrounded by knowledge and growth which he has access to, something has made him disoriented.

Another animal shows itself, a black dog. Many times, black dogs are symbols of death, but this must be broken down further for the meaning to be understood. Dogs symbolize loyalty, man’s best friend, while black most commonly symbolizes mourning or depression. Combined, this might suggest a disloyal friend and mourning over betrayal. If a black dog heralds death, then this death most likely is also symbolic. Death suggests radical change or leaving behind something that one is comfortable and familiar with.

Jaejoong is in a place where he is given certain knowledge and has access to skills, but a realization of disloyalty/betrayal has made him confused. This “place” is most likely SM Entertainment.

I’m not sure how to interpret Jaejoong in the one-horned mask, so I’m not going to touch on it.

Again with the trees, Jaejoong is still confused and is looking around, but his hand is still on the branch.

Next (apart from small shots back to the woods and to Jaejoong in the mask) we see Jaejoong in front of a large circle with designs carved into it. He is chained to this circle by a spiked collar and has his mouth covered by a spiked mask. He’s being constricted and silenced, and he’s aware of it. He pulls on the chains, but they do not break.

In the next scene Jaejoong is walking wildly in the woods and he has let go of the branch. With his hands behind his neck, he looks confused and frustrated with where he is. A few scenes later, one hand covers his mouth while another is at his throat; he’s again not able or allowed to speak. He continues to walk in the woods, looking more and more confused.

Jaejoong pulls more on his chains and also pulls at his mask; he wishes to be freed but the chains and mask refuse to release him.

While I can’t touch on symbolism of Jaejoong in the odd one-horn mask, he clutches his ears and opens his mouth, as if crying out.

Jaejoong continues to pull frantically on his chains and mask, and while walking through the forest he falls to his knees and coughs. He is exhausted and possibly sick from being in the woods, slipping on ice when he attempts to get up and continue walking.

All of this is Jaejoong attempting to break free from the place that silences and restricts him as well as drives him to the point of illness and exhaustion. If we apply this in the way that SM Entertainment is the woods and the chains, Jaejoong is fighting to break free from them.

After much pulling and tugging, the chains holding Jaejoong to the wall break. He tosses one of them over his shoulder, holds his head high, and tosses the collar to the ground. He is free, but a black bird appears. Black birds often symbolize something evil or a bringer of bad things. In the next scene he is running into a flock of the same black birds with an angry expression, as if opposing them.

The crows also seem to represent SM, an “evil” force that is flying towards Jaejoong. Just as there are many crows flying towards him, SM sends many things at Jaejoong in order to stop him (injunctions, the music program bans, etc.). Though facing many evils, Jaejoong runs into them seemingly without fear.

Completely different scenes from the previous show, including Jaejoong dressed in all black with blue in his hair, Jaejoong with a black hood and diamonds on his face, Jaejoong wearing some sort of fur-collared top with only his face and the fur showing, and Jaejoong with no shirt on.

After battling the black birds, Jaejoong has no shirt on. He has been stripped of his protection, showing nothing but his own skin and the marks decorating it. But, he doesn’t hide or cover himself after being stripped of this protection, he bears everything as if flaunting it and saying, “Look, this is me.”

After opposing SM, Jaejoong had none of the protection that the company used to offer him. They’ve stripped him of it and left him to stand naked, but in this case he’s okay with it. He shows his skin and his tattoos, including the TVXQ one on his back. Tattoos are usually things that people want to remember or are proud of, and by showing his tattoos he is saying that he isn’t ashamed of his past affiliation with TVXQ, but is proud of it. TVXQ has left a mark on him and, initially, it’s made him who he is.

The next seen is Jaejoong with the diamonds on his face. A snake is crawling around his neck with its tongue flicking out. Snakes are depicted as negative and evil things, sometimes even as tricksters (such as in Garden of Eden). Around Jaejoong’s neck, the snake has an opportunity to bite him, choke him, kill him. The snake may be whispering evil things to him, trying to trick him.

Continuing with the notion that the “evil” things in the video are representative of SM, this may be SM attempting to lure him back to the company or else threatening to “kill” him (killing his career, his reputation as a celebrity, etc.). The attempted luring may have taken place during the multiple arbitration attempts during the lawsuit.

The next thing shown is a diamond-covered skull, which is actually a sculpture by Damien Hirst called “For the Love of God”. The sculpture is a memento mori (Latin for “Remember you must die”), and is initially meant to remind people of their mortality. Extending that to Jaejoong, it may be a reminder for him that without SM, he doesn’t have the same untouchable status as he once did.

Jaejoong also tweeted about the sculpture, showing it as a picture framed in his house along with “In that times of extremes of my depression….the skull watched me”. If the skull watched him during his depression and he has imitated the look of it by putting diamonds on his face, perhaps this is suggesting that he’s become aware of his own depression and is reflecting upon it. (Edit: Also pointed out to me by an anon, the diamonds on his face may be a nod to the fact that he was considered the face of TVXQ and perhaps he was treasured more for his face/appearance than his skills.)

Following a few shots of shirtless Jaejoong and the snake crawling farther into his shirt, Jaejoong removes the snake from his shirt and takes a hold of it, as if he’s now controlling it. In later scenes the snake is separate from Jaejoong, slithering around on what appears to be a serving tray and around what may be an upturned cup with its mouth open. A cup is meant to receive something, but if it is upturned, it can’t receive or hold anything.

By taking hold of the snake, or SM, and removing it, Jaejoong has denied what SM has offered him and has cut off their evil whispers. The company continues to open its mouth (perhaps trying to offer him more), but like the cup, Jaejoong refuses to receive any of it.

Briefly, we see Jaejoong close a fist and in the next scene a set of candles are extinguished. It suggests a cut off of “enlightenment”, and since Jaejoong clenches his fist before the candles go out, it looks as if Jaejoong has put out the fire by himself.

With blue hair and vampire fangs, Jaejoong stands in a church in front of a large stained-glass window. He holds his arms up, as if presenting a scene, and two fires light with one on each side of him. There are flower depictions in the window, flowers representing life.

In a flying leap, Jaejoong goes from his position in front of the window onto an altar in the middle of the room. He has blue eyes, which often represent clarity. On the altar, a pair of wings, highly representative of freedom, erupt from his back and stretch out while emitting a sort of sparkle. Multiple shots of his “past self” (chained to the wall, with the one-horn mask, with the fur top, with the crystals on his face) flash and he looks troubled by them.

In the last scene, Jaejoong gracefully takes flight. His body seems to float while his wings slowly carry him upwards.

These last scenes are Jaejoong taking control. The small candles cut out, which perhaps is representative of Jaejoong cutting off from SM, and since he extinguishes the candles by himself it suggests that he cut himself from the company by his own hand. He lights his own flames in front of the flowery window, symbolizing that he’s taken control of his own life. He jumps to the altar, center stage. As he stands there he is reminded of and troubled by his former self, chained by the company and unable to speak. However, he accepts what he used to be (perhaps because it’s what made him what he is today) and gains a pair of wings, gains his freedom, and is finally freed.

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The history and the meaning of Jae’s Tattoo (Cr.your evil twin ) :  we all know his tattoos on his body are like his life journey. TVfXQ SOUL since 2004 or 2005, I think, and then in 2008 (I think this year was when dbsk struggled with their issues against the company), he tattooed those two quotes behind the wings (“The pleasures of the mighty are the tears of the poor” & “A song will outlive all sermons in memory”) and “Hope to the end” right below the TVfXQ SOUL.

and then, in 2009, when JYJ is still in the middle of lawsuit, JJ n YC tattooed “always keep the faith” on their chests, showing they have faiths they are brave enough to fight for. JJ also tattooed his two birth days in roman numerical on the the bottom of his spine (2601 and 0402)

When JYJ is already established and stable, JJ tattooed Junsu and Micky’s names on each side of his birthdates tattoo. I think Yoochun’s lyrics in “Unnamed Song” will explain it all: “In the end, it’s JYJ.” and YC also tattooed a wing and right below it: “My Jaejoong, Yoohwan, Junsu” on his right chest. Oh, and then JJ tattooed above the AKTF one: “Deferto neminem” (Accuse no man).

and recently, finally, when JYJ has gained their own names and slowly but surely breaks free of the name “TVXQ”, JJ tattooed vertically along his spine “Ohne glauben bist du tod.” (without faith, you are dead). Meaning, he has survived until now because he has faith. Strong, unwavering faith.

Therefore, him showing his tattoos in this MV is like telling us his life journey in a few seconds. Very genius!

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