When the girls is fangirling when watch Jae’s MV, the boys got amazed and said ‘cool song man’…….when i saw the MV i also got the feeling that the MV + the song is mixed between Jrock and Krock/ Kpop since usually J rock is used a visual kei for their concept. Jae remind me about Gackt and it’s felt nostalgic since before i hooked to TVXQ in the past then JYJ, i am Japan lovers.  I am glad that Jae got a positive reaction from non-fans. 

For Jae’s fans, is not surprising anymore that Jae have a rocker side since from the past he already sung many Rock song but for general people i guess it’s really risk way for him for took a very different genre from his usual genre which more RnB, pop and for them who usually have a stereotype that idols can’t sing, only have a good appearance and less talent,etc must be have doubt feeling about Jae’s album. But what they don’t know is that was Jae’s specialty. He really knew that many other people doubt about his ability/talents (and mostly people always misjudging his ability/talents because his appearance ) so that’s why he  really worked so hard (beside he is a workaholic and perfectionist person) to proved that he can do it and BAM…..!!!! he is give some surprise and the result that other people never imagined before.

I don’t know about the other people but i really love the dark concept that the boys pick for their album/MV. It’s makes them became more different than any group in Korea. I also love their individual diversity within the group. Junsu with his RnB,pop and dance then Jae with his Ballad Rock…..so for make a perfect unique combination on the group, we are need Yoochun album that’s why i hope Yoochun also gonna released his own album too.

Note: Please take note that some netizens here don’t know  Kim Jaejoong and/or the lawsuit between JYJ vs SM. 

– Boys –

“This video was outstanding! Wow i knew he had a rock side to him but if caught me off guard! Super legit voice and song!”

“First song of 2013 that I’ve been in love with to the point it’s still on REPEAT even when typing this!!! XD Anyways I forgot to talk about the MV sets, it’s just AMAZING! I love everything from each set, and I love the details on everything! :D

“Beautifully shot music video. Brings out the evil in you lol” (it’s to bad that i can’t heard this boy voice since the volume is really low, even though i am used a headphone, i don’t know it’s only me or not )

”WHATS UP GUYS! NIGHTFEAR IS BACK ON THE SCENE!! We back with a reaction 2 Jaejoong solo song, MINE. Now i don’t really know this person that much except he was in TVXQ long time ago. But…THIS SONG GOES DOWN!! The dark, slow, emotional theme got me hooked! Excellent Visuals and Slow Motion?!! ALL-STAR MV LOL!”

– Girls –

I’ve been so stoked to do this review for this video ever since he said he was releasing a solo…
“I really enjoyed this video and yes a bitch did get hot in the crotch when I saw him shirtless…All them tattoo…Them nipples…Those contact lens…I almost fainted…Thank goodness I had my water with me so I could stay hydrated…I love the dark concepts that the JYJ members are going with…It really works well with them and I love their individual diversity within the group…Wonder if Mickey will do the same if he does a solo???But overall I love the video…2 thumbs up…And 2 titties up…Ya’ll need to watch all this loveliness:”

“This song was haunting, edgy,emotional and had a rock vibe to it. reaction starts at 0:30.
it wasn’t necessarily a love song. but more about breaking free and staying free.
His vocals were so empowering that at some points it made me speechless. well. okay maybe i exaggerated just a bit. but wow. loved it. the clothes were so dark and mysteriously odd but still, he pulled it off in a very hot, sexy way.
Like my kpop eyeliner makeup? LOL. (I loved him in “Protect the Boss” btw. did anyone watch that?)”

Someone have a snake phobia
DONT WATCH ON FULL VOLUME! Sorry guys you know Cortney is terrified of snakes but we wanted to do this MV no matter what, cause we love you and never want to let you guys down! Other than the snake thing lol we totally love Jaejoong’s new song!!! We love it when someone has the guts to do something totally different in KPop! Especially this edgy/rocker style. What do you guys think?!

Hey guys.
It’s finally here. Jaejoong’s new song ^^
I was so happy & excited that I cried lol!
Thanks for watching :3

Ninja Fan’s Reaction 
ppl though i was crazy lol and my none kpop friends were like WTF………………… i fucking love this my jaejoongi rocked this ….. fuck sbs kbs mbc for blocking an amazing artist like jaejoong ,junsu and yoochun …..wait till they copy this concept …. JYJ are AWESOME MY TRIO ARE SO FREAKING FANTASTIC BABY

Fangirl Mode ON! xD

HE. IS . SO. FUCKING. HOT. safhjfhkoahorhgvgv. i am sorry if its too loud because of our fangirling …. xD

What was your reaction to Jaejoong’s MINE MV??

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