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Kim Jaejoong has finally returned to our side with an album.

This album signifies Kim Jaejoong’s first solo activities as a singer and has a total of five rock genre tracks, but each song captures the unique style of Kim Jaejoong to showcase a variety of techniques in one album. In the pre-released song ‘One Kiss’ and ‘Mine’, which had its music video released on the night of the 16th, the intense sound and Kim Jaejoong’s explosive vocal talent are the main charms of the song. Meanwhile, the newly revealed tracks, ‘You Fill Me Up’, ‘My Own Consolation’ and ‘All Alone’, showcase his mellow voice with a melodious track. Overall, the album is being praised as a ‘high quality album’.

‘Mine’, which received an explosive response after having its music video released at midnight on the 17th, perfectly combines Kim Jaejoong’s explosive vocal talent with well-expressed emotions and topped the music charts of Bugs and Cyworld as soon as it was released. The intense beat, sophisticated melody line and honest lyrics stimulate the listeners’ ears and has made its mark as the most trendy song of the winter.

‘You Fill Me Up’ and ‘All Alone’ are melodious rock ballads that showcase the consideration the artiste has put in to ease fans into rock. If ‘Mine’ was an intense song, than these two tracks  have Kim Jaejoong’s mellow and emotional voice melting into the songs to tug at the heartstrings of listeners. The last track All Alone was composed and written by Kim Jaejoong, and the calming piano instrumental leaves a big impact.

‘One Kiss’, one of the tracks of Kim Jaejoong’s first solo mini album, topped the iTunes rock charts of nine countries including Japan, Singapore and Taiwan, as well as domestic music charts. The four other tracks that were released today ranked first to fourth on Bugs and Cyworld’s music charts, helping Kim Jaejoong making his mark as ‘Artiste Kim Jaejoong’.

Meanwhile, Kim Jaejoong will be holding a very special concert ‘Your, My and Mine’ at the Ilsan KINTEX on the 26th and 27th.

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JYJ Wins the Case: Regaining Freedom from Avex and Sm’s Vicious Connection

SM and Avex all efforts to paralyze JYJ have ended in vain. The textbook example of vicious entertainment firms’ tyranny, SM and Avex must not continue their predatory behavior according to the judgment.



SM and Avex have been behaved as a powerhouse based on their capital power, which was clearly exposed during the lawsuit with JYJ. Like gangsters, they have controlled the mess media, enfettered their entertainers, and, if those entertainers don’t act as they demand, try to sink those entertainers deeply down. All these are now known to most. Their malicious and mean behaviors frankly speak volumes about greedy large entertainment firms.

 JYJ Thwarts Mean Attacks from SM and Avex

Pointing out SM’s problems and getting out from it, JYJ have been in hard times. It was out of great courage to point out the long-term contraction, so-called Slavery Contraction. This historic action by top group TVXQ served as an opportunity for the Korean entertainment industry to correct its absurd and irrationality. In this sense, JYJ deserves praises.

 Against SM who made a contract that gave thoroughly disproportionately high advantages to the firm, JYJ has challenged to lead the contract into more rational way for more than 3 years. And JYJ has been driven into a situation in which the group was unable to appear on TV. They were not only putting restrictions on TV activities but also criticizing and maliciously disturbing JYJ. Their behaviors were dirty and shocking.

If it had been not for JYJ and its fans’ power, it would have been rarely possible to gain winning from the large firms like SM. Myriads of fans have been firmly supporting JYJ and JYJ, gaining courage from fans’ support, has astoundingly paved its own way without bending its knee.

Performing excellently in dramas and musicals, JYJ has enlarged its potential not through domestic but through overseas tour. JYJ’s hardship paradoxically served as a chance to pioneer a new market. JYJ’s struggle eventually made SM succumb. The mighty firm has even acted as if it was above the law. Mobilizing interest groups in favor of the firms, pressing the broadcast companies, and exausting every means to drive out JYJ, the mean firms came to be not able to stand any longer.

JYJ even gave up profits from its activities in Japan and continued the lawsuit, and the lawsuit has ended in totally favor of JYJ. Until the very last moment, the firm showed their greed for money, raising criticism from the public. JYJ utterly gained victory through consent by giving up money with ridicule on the firm who can’t give up its greed for enormous profits from Japan.

SM’s Japanese partner, Avex has no difference from SM. JYJ found it hard to appear on TV or perform a concert due to pressure from the two powerhouses in Korea and Japan but now its victory in Japan’s court will lift restrictions.

 “We received a short news of winning the case at 2 PM from our Japanese attorney. We’re waiting for more details about the judgment.”

After prolonged litigation, the result was JYJ’s victory in Japan. It’s surprising that the group won the case in foreign country since it was really difficult even in its own country. For Japanese part, it’s more worthy because its court ruled that the foreigners, JYJ, were treated unfairly.

On January 19 the Tokyo District Court ordered Avex not to claim the exclusive management right for JYJ in Japan. In addition, the court ruled that Avex should pay reparations of 660 million yen(7.8 billion won) to Cjes Entertainment and 1 million yen(11 million won) to chief of Cjes.


 As we can learn from the reparations worth a whopping 7.8 billion won, Avex in connection with SM has went all lengths to kill JYJ but ending up in a shameful situation. The naked truth of evil deeds by the entertainment firm with considerable influence in Japan was revealed in the court.

 “There were 4 cases in process between Avex and Cjes Entertainment over Avex’ artists Junsu/Jejung/Yuchun(JYJ). Today, on January 18 in 2013, the Tokyo District Court ruled on the 4 cases. Avex is protesting against the ruling and appealing against it. “

Avex made decision to immediately appeal against the Japanese court’s ruling. Furthermore, Avex still insists that members of JYJ belong to it. Once evilly trampling on JYJ in order to disturb JYJ’s activity, Avex, now stuck in the mire, is shamefully insisting that JYJ belongs to it.

In Korea, SM has maliciously prolonged the lawsuit in order to avoid paying settlement money and Avex is showing the same dirty step. Avex must pay reparations worth 7.8 billion won. So, not to pay the reparations, Avex is highly likely to prolong the lawsuit as SM did.

JYJ is now set free both in Korea and Japan. There’s no reason to endure tyranny of large entertainment firms. True, there remain possibilities that invisible hands will exert their influence to oppress the group. Yet, JYJ is now legally free and has more various ways to reach their fans.

JYJ has met its fans in a variety of ways such as solo albums, and, now is time to begin its activities in the name of JYJ for numerous fans waiting for JYJ in Korea and Japan. In the age of oppression JYJ risked everything to correct absurd practices and finally won – this is very meaningful since JYJ’s victory will prevent further same errors in the future. Gaining the triumph from difficult fight, now it’s time for JYJ to be rejoicing.

 Source :  Dshower’s Hot Issue

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JYJ‘s Yoochun scared fans with his latest hairstyle. After shaving his head, Yoochun had to assure many of his fans that he did not do it because he is planning to enlist in his mandatory military service anytime soon

JYJ‘s Yoochun scared fans with his latest hairstyle. After shaving his head, Yoochun had to assure many of his fans that he did not do it because he is planning to enlist in his mandatory military service anytime soon.

When photos of the star’s new haircut appeared online, netizens were expecting him to announced that he’d be leaving for the army. However, C-JeS Entertainment quickly revealed that he simply felt like changing his style after the finale of the MBCdrama ‘I Miss You‘.

In other news, Yoochun recently participated in the ‘Kind Library Project‘, which he’s also endorsing, to produce audiobooks for the blind. He also held his first press conference in China.

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[NEWS] JYJ Park Yoo Chun gets a crew cut—Why?

On January 19, JYJ’s Park Yoo Chun attended the Standard Chartered Beneficial Voice Festival, held at the Coex, in Gangnam-gu, Seoul. The singer and actor received a lot of attention with a crew cut.

This unexpected short hairdo sparked some suspicions that he’s slated to join the army. His agency, however, explained: “There’s no special meaning with his short hairdo. He just wantend to get a new hair style for a change after Missing You came to the end.”

Netizens responded: “He looks gorgeous with crew-cut as he has such a small, handsome face.” “I thought he was ready to join the army.” “Park looks fabulous whatever hairdo he gets.”

The Standard Chartered Beneficial Voice Festival, which is held on January 19 & 20, is a contest selecting 100 people, who will take part in the production, with the JYJ member, of audio books and movie explanations for the blind.

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Having long-standing familiarity with the genres of goth-rock, visual kei, J-rock, and lyrical metal, I was anticipating Jaejoong’s new single “Mine” with bated breath, and especially more so after seeing the teaser. I grew up listening to Dir en GreyMalice Mizer, NightwishHIMGackt, among many others, and I find this to be just perfect in laying the ground to appreciate this JYJ member’s latest work. In this context, I’d say that Jaejoong has moved away from the usual K-pop fare, coming up with an inspired piece that is rather like fantasy goth-rock. Warning: what follows is a review of an MV that is not K-pop, if you expect the song to be as such, you will be disappointed.

Jaejoong had always been the odd one in DBSK, with a long history of anti-fans and what was originally perceived as personality problems. It took him longer to find his footing in the world of K-pop than the other members, and even then he seemed the most out-of-place in the pop concepts. With this release, it feels like Jaejoong has finally found himself, and this was the type of song and image he should have had all along. It feels right somehow, which makes sense considering his lingering interest in J-rock. Even to someone like this writer, who has never been a follower of DBSK, it’s wonderful to see an idol become a solo artist in a manner that feels genuine.

The imagery in the video is classic goth and fantasy, a series of engaging, monochromatic scenes of symbols and creatures. For the reason that these specific backgrounds and images have found their place in today’s fantasy genre (across various forms of media), the MV escapes coming across cliché and antiqued. Fangs, owls, wolves, chains, crows, forests, and masks, are undeniably linked to goth-rock, and even darker fantasy stories. Much like the modern variety of artists and bands playing the genre, Jaejoong is drawing on accepted and understood symbolisms to drive “Mine.”

Delving a little deeper, let’s consider Jaejoong’s choice of wearing false fangs. Way before Twilight or “emo” teenagers wearing fangs was ever a “thing,” Peter Steele, the lead singer of the band Type O Negative, was having his teeth changed permanently to fangs. The attraction to the animalistic (and sometimes vampiric) meaning of fangs isn’t unusual for singers in the darker rock genres and Jaejoong follows in these footsteps. He doesn’t use the fangs to fake drinking blood, or anything else associative like that, he simply has the fangs as a part of himself, a part of his character, more than a vampire, Jaejoong’s persona in these scenes seems to be that of a fallen angel, who happens to have fangs.

On the subject of clichés, for anyone feeling like this MV is corny, you need not look any farther than long-time lyrical goth-metal band Within Temptation to see that the groups in the goth-rock genre have a history of MVs that fall into the corny category. Although Jaejoong’s MV is far from corny, it has been unavoidable (and perhaps slightly unfortunate) that people have come to associate the aforementioned images as such. In this vein, it’s a consolation that “Mine” comes under classic goth-rock and a splash of visual kei, and is a leap from the cornier J-rock ones in the early 2000s. However, in Within Temptation MVs and Jaejoong’s MV, it isn’t how the symbols and images are presented that is important, it’s the meaning they hold.

Now, let’s talk about the classic symbols that appear in “Mine.” The owl and the wolf are animals that appear in the MV in solo shots — so, what do these animals represent? Owls, depending on culture, are the keepers of souls as well as a symbol of wisdom, secrets, messages, and mystery. The wolf is a communicator; it symbolizes cunning, loyalty, intelligence, and compassion. Likewise there is meaning to the other animals seen in the MV, serpents are a symbol of creativity and the cyclical nature of the world, and crows are associated with ingenuity, change, and transformation. Despite having so many positive meanings in many cultures, these animals also have a bad reputation because of their associations with violence, nighttime, and death. Jaejoong himself has often been judged negatively, despite his true nature, as an individual and during the JYJ lawsuit. In a parallel understanding, he was likely to have sought these traits and connections to portray a strong, personal message in “Mine.”

Also in correlation with the lyrics, Jaejoong seems to be struggling against something, or someone, for a good part of the MV, both internally and physically. In one sequence, he is literally chained by the neck to a giant metal structure and as soon as the chains were broken free, the scenes cut to one of him running. Choppy as it may seem, it’s both interesting and more realistic than not, to see Jaejoong running to escape his bonds. The clanking of the collar onto the ground is a definitive moment that is given focus, signifying freedom.

Similar to his escape to freedom, at the end of the MV Jaejoong spreads his wings to fly away. Wings bring to mind the ability to take off, which in essence refers to being able to go wherever one wants. Wings also signify success, the moment/s when one finds their calling and takes it on. This is directly symbolical of what Jaejoong is doing with this MV and album. Despite the ideologies drawn from the project, I do have a few gripes. The wings would’ve been portrayed better if they were made of real feathers on a frame, instead of being generated by computer graphics, but with the ease of using computers today it’s hard to expect any high budget MV to bother with the difficulty of all physical props when there is the convenience of computers. Also, a good choice would’ve been to use real snakes as that would’ve given the MV a more realistic and tangible feel. If any props had to be computer generated, the wings and the colorful eye effects were the most understandable due to the difficulty involved in pulling them off any other way.

Stepping away from the deeper meanings for a second, may I just say what fabulous outfits this MV has! The diamonds on his face forming a mask; the long black fringe trailing off his clothes in the fangs scenes; the very brief but very classy all black outfit (+ awesome boots) in the scene with crows; the pleather backless number and the spiked bracers when he was chained up; the chain-mail shirt and odd sci-fi hat/mask (anyone else get The Fifth Element vibes?). And, very fetching of course is the lack of clothing in the tattoo scene. The very obviously Bane mask was the only downfall, because a more unique mask would’ve downplayed its Hollywood-ness, which in this case is more preferable. The hair and makeup choices for the MV were also spot-on, accenting the mood and complimenting the rest of the styling without overwhelming it.

It isn’t hard to imply meanings from this MV; what with Jaejoong’s troubled past in the K-pop industry (and personally), there could’ve been plenty of things that he wanted to escape from over the years. With a song that basically says “don’t rain on my parade”, it’s quite clear that Jaejoong is tired of people stifling him and his creative freedom. The more fantastical and intense world of a goth-rock artist will likely suit him better than the life of a produced K-pop group member. He is already proving himself to be familiar with the genre (or at least choosing people to work with that are) and the image that the genre generally comes with, so fans (like me) can feel comfortable with this release and not feel like he has botched the goth-rock image.

Overall rating 4.75/5 because there were a few things that could’ve been better, but mostly an impeccable MV to begin Jaejoong’s solo career with. There are a million more things I could say about this MV, but let’s just leave it at this; I expect many more great things from him.

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