woa this person really lucky, he is not only work with Yoochun on Missing You but also work with Jaejoong on Dr Jin.

Wrap-up Party photos: part 2

eotjqrns was a part of “Missing You” staff
(He was also a part of “Dr. Jin” staff [and took pics at that drama’s wrap-up party here] too! xD )

[TRANS] Yoochunie hyung~ keke

[TRANS] 2nd round at the venue of closing party* together with Yoochunie hyung^^
(T/N: *party to celebrate ending of filming)

[TRANS] Cutting cake session to commemorate the closing party for Missing You?! keke

Source: @eotjqrns
Translated by: @neonoenjena
Credit: JYJ3

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