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JYJ photo: – After a lawsuit with their former agency SM Entertainment had won, boyband JYJ seem to want to rid themselves of another lawsuit, claiming victory against their former Japanese agency, Avex.

JYJ’s agency, C-Jes Entertainment confirmed the news saying, “Through trial in Japan on Friday (18/1), it was decided that Avex now has no right to disturb JYJ’s promotional activities in Japan,” as reported by

They added, “Once we receive the document official decision, we will provide a press release to media colleagues,”

The long road to promote JYJ in Japan seems to have been wide open ©

Previously, JYJ has undergone contract lawsuit against Avex since 2011 because Avex interfering with JYJ’s effort to hold a charity concert which devoted to the earthquake in Tohoku.

With this official decision, there most likely that JYJ is now free to do promotions in Japan just like their freedom to do the promotion in South Korea. (alk / aia)

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[NEWS] 130118 JYJ Wins Lawsuit Against Avex in Japan

Thus, JYJ was relieved to finally be able to do promo in Japan again without stumbling block. – JYJ wins the case about what they are entitled to. Following the outcome of the trial of the case slave contract with SM Entertainment over the past year, JYJ can breathe easier now as they have completed the case of a lawsuit with his former agency in Japan, Avex.

The step of JYJ in Japan was hampered in 2011 due to dispute with SM Entertainment and Avex. Avex itself cooperation with SM Entertainment for the handling of SM artist career in Japan. When JYJ and TVXQ still be personnel involved in dispute with SM, Avex join “against” them, and prohibit JYJ career in Japan during the case has not been finished.

JYJ now has won the case. “During the trial in Japan on January 18, the Court ruled Avex can not interfere promo JYJ’s activities in Japan,” said a spokesman for the agency C-Jes Entertainment as reported by allkpop. “If an official document from a court settles down, we will announce a press release.”

Thus, JYJ was relieved to finally indulge again in Japan. Previously, Avex always jammed their steps when conducting activities in Japan. (wk / dn)

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Idol group JYJ have prevailed over the lawsuit on the exclusivity contract filed against Avex Japan.

According to Tokyo District Court, Avex should suspend the act of claiming exclusive management of JYJ in Japan. The court ordered Avex to pay reparations amounting to 660 Million JPY to C-Jes, JYJ’s management agency.

This ruling meant a lot for JYJ. When JYJ separated from TVXQ, they had to accept constraints on their activities due to various lawsuits. Last November 2009, JYJ received an injunction for the suspension of their exclusive contract with SM. They signed an agreement in February 2010 with Avex amidst false rumors like the C-Jes CEO being involved in organized crime group.

Due to the litigation, they turned to dramas and musicals. The fact that they can’t work in Japan was a major blow, despite having a considerable fanbase.

In fact, it is not unreasonable to say that TVXQ is used as the starting point of Hallyu wave in Japan. Currently, idol groups Kara, snsd, beast and 2PM are gaining popularity in Japan, but they pale in comparison with TVXQ’s popularity in the past in terms of depth and width of the fanbase.

With the court ruling, JYJ is expected to lead the recent Hallyu wave which has recently stagnated.

According to local sources, the Hallyu wave was reduced compared to before. The Dokdo dispute has contributed significantly to the decline of hallyu.

Resumption of JYJ’s activities in Japan is being viewed positively since they can target both music and drama markets. JYJ member Park Yuchun has solidified his position as an actor in his recent dramas.

Park Yuchun has increasingly gaining popularity for starring in several dramas such as Rooftop Prince, Miss Ripley, and I Miss You. His first drama, Sungkyungkwan Scandal, was successful in Japan. This will help in the resumption of their activities in Japan.

In prevailing over their lawsuits, fans are hopeful that it is the start of JYJ’s full-fledged activities. It is noteworthy that their comeback could be a game-changer and can lead to structural changes in the future of the hallyu wave in Japan.

Source : TV Daily via  Nate

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Junsu Gains Power

Junsu Gains Power
Leading member of well known K-pop group, JYJ, Junsu was selected as a celebrity number one who has the pulling power throughout 2012. Website for tickets, Interpark held Golden Ticket Awards from 24 December 2012 to January 6, 2013.
For best musical, the position is determined through 40 percent online vote,30 per cent of ticket sales and the other 30 percent from ranking system owned by Interpark. For best actor, the ranking is based on 60 per cent of ticket sales and 40 percent of the online vote.
Elisabeth Musical which featuring Junsu was selected as the number one musical and Junsu was selected as the best musical actor.
Source: Harian Metro (130113)
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part 3

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WOOHOO!!!!! JYJ won the battle in Japan. Their Lawsuit with AVEX already end today and JYJ is won it !!!!! according my Tline, Avex also ordered to pay CJES 600 million yen in damages. This is approx $6.7 million USD. 13018 became JYJ independence day in Japan

Finally Winning The Lawsuit!

This is the article that I couldn’t stop myself from writing.

With this, the three of them can spread their wings freely in Japan.

The 3 years which the three of them had to vainly shunned away was unbelievably long.
But the three of them didn’t let it go to waste.
And, they didn’t lose the spirit and decided to not be defeated and carried on with that energy, which was because of the solid bond and support that the fans are giving to them.

I, would like to sincerely congratulate you (T/N:fans).
And of course, thank you.

I haven’t heard the contents, so details will be explained later.



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part 1

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JYJ member, Junsu, Beat Popularity Madonna and Justin Bieber in China

As the most popular foreign artists in China Beijing TV version.

by: Hwangteja

                      JYJ. (Sumber: C-JeS Entertainment)

Beijing – JYJ member Junsu recently selected as the most popular foreign artists in China version one of the music program at the Beijing TV show, Yin Yue Feng Yun Bang. Junsu managed to become number one after successfully garnering support 63.7% of the total votes collected, as reported by Mnet.

In the questionnaires, Junsu managed to beat Justin Bieber in the second place and Madonna to be satisfied in the eighth as the most popular foreign artists in China.

Music program Yin Yue Feng Yun Bang doing some analyze for Junsu’s victory in the polls, where the results are associated with high popularity thanks to Junsu single titled album release Thank U For the last Christmas season. Nevertheless Junsu wins big surprise, because he was have a high popularity and quite stable in China.

Junsu greet his fans over the past year in Asia, USA, South America and Europe with the touring world. Previously, he has released his first Korean solo album titled Tarantallegra and released an English language single titled “uncommitted.”

(RS / RS)

Source : Rollingstone Indonesia

[NEWS] 130119 Beat Justin Bieber-Madonna, JYJ Junsu Most Popular in China

Junsu JYJ foto: – His voice has a description as a unique and beautiful sound. He has fans all over the world, he is one member of K-pop boy band that is most popular namely JYJ. And as if not quite fair, he’s very handsome and has a star aura.

With a variety of qualities that make many people jealous, it is not surprising that Kim Junsu was eventually elected as the Most Popular by Foreign Singers Top Chinese Music based entertainment TV program Beijing.

Junsu reached 63.7% vote, and even beat the world pop singer Justin Bieber is in the second position and Madonna in third. Even one single successful Junsu released on December 24 last, Thank U For also shown.

Being the most popular singers in China, Junsu JYJ defeat Justin Bieber ©

So far Junsu’s popularity in China in 2012 was so exceptional. His solo debut album, TARANTALLEGRA and the single uncommitted is in the first position on Yin Yue Tai, China’s largest MV chart. Junsu also successfully held a concert in July 2012 with more than 1,000 fans and 20 media waiting at the airport.

Even in South Korea, Junsu is also a musical artist who sold the most tickets in 2012. This success makes Junsu seemed to enjoy his solo career as reported (kps / aia)

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[TRANS] No matter how hard one tries to hide it, the light will escape and shine^^


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You are really right Junsu-ah……..It’s same goes to you and your brothers… matter how hard people tried to hide you from public and defamed you with many malicious rumors, you are gonna keep shining and instead became covered, you guys only became more shining than before like a diamond. You and your brothers already give many clear message and sign that you guys gonna keep stand up and move on even though many obstacle came to you. I miss you Junsu-ah…… >_<

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[parts unrelated to Yoochun omitted]

When she was asked who her ideal is, she said “I’ve been saying this everywhere for a while now, but it’s Park Yoo Chun. I even worked with him for 2 dramas already. He’s nice and funny and everything about him is good.”

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Yoochun with the young actress who played Young EunJoo

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호호 누구랑 찍은거게?ㅋㅋ 멋있으시고 성격짱좋으시고 그냥 무조건짱 함께 작품을할수있어서 영광이였습니다 박배우님♥

[TRANS] Hoho, guess who I took this picture with?ㅋㅋ He’s handsome and his personality is good at the best, he’s just unconditionally “jjang” (T/N the best). It was an honour I could do this project together with you, Park Actor-nim♥

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[TRANS] Yoochunnie hyung is commemorating the closing party~ ke

[TRANS] Yoochunnie hyung at 2nd round dinner party keke

[TRANS] Is this the same picture?? I wonder what did I not remember to post for [there was] too manyㅜ;;

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