JYJ member, Junsu, Beat Popularity Madonna and Justin Bieber in China

As the most popular foreign artists in China Beijing TV version.

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                      JYJ. (Sumber: C-JeS Entertainment)

Beijing – JYJ member Junsu recently selected as the most popular foreign artists in China version one of the music program at the Beijing TV show, Yin Yue Feng Yun Bang. Junsu managed to become number one after successfully garnering support 63.7% of the total votes collected, as reported by Mnet.

In the questionnaires, Junsu managed to beat Justin Bieber in the second place and Madonna to be satisfied in the eighth as the most popular foreign artists in China.

Music program Yin Yue Feng Yun Bang doing some analyze for Junsu’s victory in the polls, where the results are associated with high popularity thanks to Junsu single titled album release Thank U For the last Christmas season. Nevertheless Junsu wins big surprise, because he was have a high popularity and quite stable in China.

Junsu greet his fans over the past year in Asia, USA, South America and Europe with the touring world. Previously, he has released his first Korean solo album titled Tarantallegra and released an English language single titled “uncommitted.”

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[NEWS] 130119 Beat Justin Bieber-Madonna, JYJ Junsu Most Popular in China

Junsu JYJ foto: barbiechun.tumblr.com

Kapanlagi.com – His voice has a description as a unique and beautiful sound. He has fans all over the world, he is one member of K-pop boy band that is most popular namely JYJ. And as if not quite fair, he’s very handsome and has a star aura.

With a variety of qualities that make many people jealous, it is not surprising that Kim Junsu was eventually elected as the Most Popular by Foreign Singers Top Chinese Music based entertainment TV program Beijing.

Junsu reached 63.7% vote, and even beat the world pop singer Justin Bieber is in the second position and Madonna in third. Even one single successful Junsu released on December 24 last, Thank U For also shown.

Being the most popular singers in China, Junsu JYJ defeat Justin Bieber © kpopstarz.com

So far Junsu’s popularity in China in 2012 was so exceptional. His solo debut album, TARANTALLEGRA and the single uncommitted is in the first position on Yin Yue Tai, China’s largest MV chart. Junsu also successfully held a concert in July 2012 with more than 1,000 fans and 20 media waiting at the airport.

Even in South Korea, Junsu is also a musical artist who sold the most tickets in 2012. This success makes Junsu seemed to enjoy his solo career as reported kpopstarz.com. (kps / aia)

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