Reviews of Kim Jaejoong’s “MINE” MV

i already post some review about Jaejoong’s MV from SeoulBeats (Here) and KpopWrapUp (Here) and i guess there are gonna be more reviews about jae’s album and his MV but here is another reviews that i got :

  Kim Jaejoong – MINE – review

So, the MV for title track of Jaejoong’s solo album MINE had just been released 3 hours ago. So far, YouTube had registered 19 thousands likes and 308 views (eh), and personally I think I’ve replayed this song like 30 times, I can’t really remember.

When I watched the teaser, I had doubts. Sure the teaser looked awesome; too awesome, in fact, until I feared that it had set up a bar too high for the real MV to climb up to.

But, my fear was groundless. The MV was everything I had hope for and MORE, oh f***, so much MORE.

Kim Jaejoong – MINE

Bear in mind that I’m doing this review withOUT knowing what the heck he was singing. I have no problem with that, because I’m not a lyric kind of person. But, from what I gained from my twitter list, I think I’m gonna get my mind blown away once more when I finally knew the lyrics. I might do another review THEN.

I’ve said it in Twitter and I’ll say it again, MINE’s awesomeness are embedded in so many layers that I need to focus my mind at one thing at a time to stay coherent. So, I’m gonna talk about the MV from the visual aspect first before tackling the song.

First, let’s address the fact that Jaejoong is, indeed, very good looking and very, very, VERY photogenic. He’s the perfect blend of good features, confidence and narcissism, all of which enabled him to become a really compelling figure on stage if he wanted to.

Secondly, Jaejoong had never been a bad actor. Sure, he started off as an okay-actor (like most people), but not BAD. Then, with Sunanare and Protect The Boss and everything, he started to gain more and more acting sense and he’s getting much better in acting in front of camera.

The thing is that acting is the one thing that not many rockers can do. If there’s anything that I can complain about rock MVs that I’ve watched, is that many musicians were not really good actors, and their gestures in front of the camera were very stiff -UNLESS when they’re playing their instruments- OR too flamboyantly overdone. For example, Versailles are notoriously stiff actors, and Yoshiki and his piano and drum banging are way too overdone.

Between all the flamboyant gestures, cool postures and emotional expressions that Jaejoong showed, MINE turned out to be a work of art instead of being cheesy. Except for a 2-second part near the end when he was unfurling his wings and the movement of the wings looked rather stiff, the whole MV was beautifully mesmerising.

All these attributes of Jaejoong, supported by AMAZING props, elaborate setting and appropriate CG, created a fast-paced, super cool, spellbinding MV. I couldn’t tear my eyes off the screen at all. In contrast, when I’m watching Versailles/other band’s MV, I ended up telling myself, “Well, rock songs are better when played LIVE anyway.”

On top of the balanced combination of Jaejoong’s frustration, desperation, and fierceness, what truly commendable from this MV was, really, the flawless execution of the director of photography in capturing each and every freaking scene perfectly to create this masterpiece of an MV.

Each shooting angle, each jerk of the camera, each turn of that focus button was perfected to capture all of our attention and draw us into the specific details they want to us to see.

The falling snow, the dying branches, and Jaejoong’s pale face and his prominent heavily-lined eyes.

The shining cap-mask on his face and his fingers.

The flashing lights as he struggled against the chains,

The flying DUST, the desperate struggle and the violent yanks to free himself from the binding chains. The fierce scowls in his eyes that was prominent even when half of his face was covered in steel mask.

The shiny spikes on his wrists.

The glint in his flashing orange eyes.

His desperately gritted teeth as he ran among the flying crows.

His beautiful fingers and shiny nails, delicately playing the invisible piano and then his serenely hooded diamond-encrusted face, half covered by his other hand.

That specific tattoo in his back and then his whole tattoo-lined back.

The snake slithering on his body, and then that indescribable expression behind his diamond-encrusted face as he caressed the snake.

The fisting of his hand and the numerous rings and bracelets on his fingers and wrist.

That specific moment his eyes were closed and his scowls prominent despite his face being covered by glittering diamonds.

That final snarl and jerk of his face and the trailing blue blaze that emanated from his flashing eyes that were scowling at us so fiercely…

EVERY detail that he wanted us to SEE was so carefully crafted and so meticulously arranged, making our eyes wandered all over the screen drinking in all these orchestrated details and seeing nothing else but the story that he wanted us to see.

Jaejoong and CJes must have spent A BOMB creating this MV. This is not just an MV, it’s a work of art!

And once we’re done talking about the visuals, which was usually NEVER an important point when I’m talking about rock song, really, we’ve come to the most important part: the song itself.

This is not a pop-rock song that I expected him to sing. This is a full fledged HARD ROCK song that I, fortunately, happen to be a fan of.

Did the song disappoint?

Not. At. All.

I admit that I’m listening to it numerous of times through YouTube, but I believe that CJes had actually uploaded a very good version of the song up in YouTube. The song is clear and crisp and I can catch each riff of the bass, each tinkle of the piano, which is awesome.

The song started off with lightly with thunder sounds and soft picking of guitar, followed by some drumming. Then, Jaejoong came in singing in his (fortunately) clear voice accompanied lightly by electric guitar, and soon followed closely with deliciously heavy bass that suddenly filled the entire of my earphones.

It built up with some awesome drumming and by the time he reached the reff, and it had easily developed into a nice, light headbanging tempo. By this time Jaejoong was screaming at the top of his voice, his voice rough, which somehow just added to the allure of the song.

The song broke suddenly with a heavy thud (if you’re watching the MV) of the broken chain falling down onto the ground. Then came the theatrical entrance of the piano, and Jaejoong whispering darkly, eerily. The piano continued through, followed soon by that delicious bass, and brought us back into the earlier tempo.

Shortly after the short chorus-like background voice and trailing guitar echoes, it stopped again. Wheezing winds filled the air, and Jaejoong entered again, alone, with another desperate “yoge nojima!!” followed by the full music and Jaejoong resumed his heartfelt screaming, I mean singing.

By the time it neared the end, his “hajima” tone turned desperate. He repeated the reff once more and then finished it off with a final, savage, deliciously raw snarl of “HAJIMA!!” The music changed into fierce riffing and drumming and ended on an intense note.

And finally the piano came back to deliver the song to a beautiful, tragic ending. Jaejoong rose to the sky and the silverish outline of his wings were the last thing we saw.

And suddenly I felt empty, like the song had ended before its time, and I reached out to click that REPLAY button once more…

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OMG, Jaejoong’s Solo Single is So Flawless And I Love It OMG

I still don’t rate JYJ‘s music and performances on the level of what TVXQ are currently doing, but as far as the trio’s solo stuff goes, they are shitting on bitches left and right (that means that they’re really good, fyi). Junsu’s epic “Tarantallegra” restored my faith in male pop soloists after the likes of Justin Bieber and Chris Brown destroyed it, and now his bandmate, Jaejoong, has knocked my wig, weave, and falsies clean off with his new single, “Mine.”

Jaejoong’s gone total J-rock for his solo, visual kei and all (which I wrote about over on Popdust). “Mine” is a big, melodic metal fest, bursting with all the hyperactivity of an anime series’ opening theme. Jaejoong’s voice, strong and emotive from years of singing Asian power ballads, is stretchy enough to reach the rollercoaster highs and lows that a song this deliciously dramatic requires.

Jaejoong is a smart boy for releasing a song like this. Not just because it’s fucking flawless and slays my entire life, but since Korea is still being shady towards JYJ, it only makes sense for him to drop something that’s going to appeal to the rest of Asia instead of trying to conform to the style of a country that won’t even let him perform on TV. Hopefully we see a Japanese version of “Mine” in the future, as well as some J-pop and J-rock from JYJ. After all, Japan’s where the money’s at these days.

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[Music Video Review] The Artistry and Symbolism behind Kim Jaejoong’s “Mine”

On January 17, 2013, JYJ‘s enigmatic power-vocalist Kim Jaejoong released his first official solo album titled I and unleashed the music video for the album’s title track, Mine. Since the release, the response from fans has been enormous. The track itself, a rock anthem never before seen from Jaejoong, includes elemental influences of Korean Rock and Japanese Rock, with pinches of Goth and Punk staggered throughout, that leave the listener in complete awe. The song’s lyrics delve further into the abyss of (what some say) are the ever-lingering feelings of resentment, anger, and angst Jaejoong has been harboring throughout his career towards those who have mistreated him and his fellow members.

The music video itself has become a force to be reckoned with. Kpop music videos range in styles from cute and fun to dark and sad normally, but the MV for Mine breaks those standards with a release that is truly profound and enlightening while being dark and a little disturbing.

The cinematography, sets, and lighting, along with prop elements such as animals, black candles, and burning braziers, make this MV a delight to the visual senses. With great editing and scene changes perfectly timed to the audio track, this MV gives us a visual representation of the desired feel of the song itself along with telling a symbolic story. The costuming, props, and lighting add to the overall feel of each scene which even more greatly emphasizes the “dark journey” Jaejoong has taken since his debut.

However,  this MV’s symbolism is the real reason why it has become such a hit among JYJ/TVXQ/DBSK fans. Never before has JYJ, or its members, ever released a MV that has so much depth and personifies not only the pains of the past but the hopes for the future. As we travel through the looking glass once more, we will give you our take on the music videos appeal and what we think the music video really means.

In the opening scenes we find Jaejoong in a forest of barren trees, while wearing shabby clothing, as snow falls all around him. This scene visually portrays the feelings of being trapped in a cold, unfriendly, unfeeling and desolate place where there is no chance for escape. He is lost in the woods without the hope of rescue. His facial expressions show pain, confusion, and dismay as he walks through the dark forest of the unknown and uncontrollable.

According to symbologists, the owl represents wisdom, so the staring owl could represent the wisdom and truth that was always there but he was unable to see because of his captivity. Feeling lost and utterly alone, he finds himself slowly realizing that this was not the life he was meant for and grapples with the agonizing feeling of hopelessness. He now regrets his foolish actions of having faith in an entity that he thought would be his savior but ultimately became his undoing.

Being constantly hounded by the evil forces in this world, represented by the barking dog, Jaejoong longs for freedom while despising the monster he has become because of their influence. Jaejoong’s monster form symbolizes the puppet-like persona and character that is nothing like his true self and was ultimately created by his sinister masters. With these scenes we get our first glimpse into the disparity he felt as he watched his life play out before him with no hopes of being able to control it himself.

The next scenes are quite prophetic. They symbolize his imposed captivity and being forever chained to the wheel of fate. The choices he has made have forever tied him to this world of utter hopelessness and pain and he finds himself shackled to a seemingly inescapable destiny. Bound and gagged, he cannot do what his heart desires nor speak out against the injustices he’s endured. Only un-gagged when his masters bid it, he still cannot utter the truth for fear of the punishment he surely will receive if he does so.

Struggling against the chains that bind him to his hellish world, he fights with all his might and begins to retaliate against his oppressive masters. The barking and growling dog is once again shown, giving the emphasis of his masters drive to keep their cherished victim in line as well as docile. Their efforts fail to influence and cease Jaejoong’s ever-growing desire for freedom. He chooses to subversively break free from the chains that have bound him for years and, while seeming docile in the presence of his masters, endeavors even more strongly to destroy their hold on him and set himself free -as symbolized in the last clip where Jaejoong is pulling intently on his collar and chains with a ferocious and desperate look.

As he struggles even more intently, he quickly begins to realize that he can truly break the chains that bind him and with the very last ounce of his strength he finally breaks the chains of his enslavement. Suddenly freed, his confidence in his abilities overflow with a feeling of pure contempt and arrogance while his oppressive masters become aware of his self-release and seek to recapture him.

According to ancient mythology and legend, the raven symbolizes both the harbinger of death and the entities that find pleasure in the feasting of the remains of war. The use of the raven can be interpreted two ways: the death of Jaejoong’s painful and oppressive past along with the seeking by individuals to feast on his now ended life (or career depending on your point of view). Upon throwing away his bonds, symbolized by the collar hitting the ground, Jaejoong seeks to escape as fast as he can while the insatiable desire of the outside forces (the ravens) stand in his path ready to see him fail and ultimately to pick over his bones when he does.

As the music video makes another prophetic turn down the dark alleyway of regret, the next few scenes become a time of self reflection. Free from his chains, Jaejoong now looks at himself through new eyes and finds that what he sees is something that is neither what he used to be or what he wants to be.

The crystalline skull represents the cold hard truth that he failed to ignore for so many years and reminds him of the pain he’s endured. His true self and all that he was is now laid bare for all the world to see. The inspection of his tattoos and body symbolize an awakening to the scars he has sustained due to the foolishness of youth and his enslavement. Going over each scar, one by one, he remembers the pain, suffering, and loss that led to those scars, and he is reminded once again of the precious things (and people) he has lost along the way.

Grappling and wrestling with the guilt he feels from the evils he has committed unto those who he loved the most (handling the snake), Jaejoong pulls himself deeper into self-reflection in the search of his ultimate truth. As the scene flashes to his back you see a symbolic (as well as realistic) example of those who he has lost and as the owl soars into the frame it becomes the representational visual cue of his self revelation. He gains the wisdom he so adamantly sought after and with the extinguishing of the dark candles he then also extinguishes his dark and troubled past -ready for a new beginning.

As his ultimate truth is realized, Jaejoong transforms from the victim of a great tragedy to master of his own fate, as he claims the future he so longed for. The explosive lighting of the braziers in the “house of enlightenment” (the church) shows his rebirth into his new life. He now has the drive and determination he’s always longed for and transforms into a completely different animal. The vampire persona symbolizes not only his confidence but his feeling of newly-found power and strength. He is resolute in his new path and confident in his desires to see all his dreams become a reality.

Ever mindful of the evils that still exist in this world and the falsehoods they speak (opened mouth snake), Jaejoong takes his first steps into his new life and with one giant leap of faith he retakes the world stage. The showing of his new eyes, and the narrowing there of, personifies his new outlook on the world and his unrelenting determination and focus. With his path unrelentingly chosen, his new persona gives him endless possibilities and with the growth of his wings, he is now ready to soar into the world and show everyone what he truly has to offer, as his true self.


While my interpretations of this MV are uniquely my own, I didn’t pull these conclusions out of thin air. I took into consideration the entire history of JYJ/TVXQ/DBSK and all that the members have endured since before their debut in 2003. As I kept that reference in mind, I began to notice the correlation in the music video’s symbolism with the trials and tribulations that Jaejoong has had to deal with all this time.

The correlation between his rebirth at the end of the video is also a self-representation of his new album as well. While well known for his “made-for-ballad” vocals and for the generalized style of music that JYJ releases, this song and its corresponding MV gave us a glimpse into another side of Jaejoong’s mentality. Delving into the genre of rock was a first for the artist and now that he has accomplished the goal of reinventing himself for all the world to see, he can press on with his chosen path of renewal.

What do you think of our interpretation of Jaejoong’s MV? Did we get it right? Were we way off? Leave us a comment and tell us what you thought of the MV and its underlying symbolism.

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Reviews of Kim Jaejoong’s “I” Mini-Album:

Jaejoong Kim – I//


Label: C-Jes Entertainment
Release Date: 17 January 2013


  1. One Kiss
  2. Mine [MV]
  3. 내안 가득히 (There’s Only You)
  4. 나만의 위로 (Healing for Myself)
  5. All Alone

I’ll start by saying this: Kim Jaejoong’s voice is a masterpiece, a complex portrayal of raw emotion that twists and turns, navigating listeners through something completely unlike the whimpering mewls of teen heartthrobs. What most remember of his idol days seems to melt into a hazy oblivion once he takes his first steps into decidedly more adult fare. Those new to Kim Jaejoong will at first be a bit skeptical given his appearance, more flower boy than soul rocker. However, once he opens his voice, there’s a moment of tentative recognition, then shock as they come to the realization that, yes, the man’s voice is powerful.

Though comparatively smoother than veterans of the genre, his almost dove-like coo wraps around grit and fire to produce a complicated contradiction of sound: at once light and soft, and then rough and textured as if run through with the jagged shards of a broken heart.

Tackling a genre so blatantly disparate from anything he’s done before is a gamble. He would either be lauded for his audacity or condemned for treading on territory reserved for those with more rugged musical pasts. However, Jaejoong takes the gamble hands first. Having written and co-produced every song on the EP, he was not afraid to delve deeper into himself to give listeners an unfettered view of the humanity underneath the public persona. Such an unbridled unveiling of self runs the risk of becoming self-indulgent, even maudlin. However, the sincerity in the vocal brings the lyrics to a shimmering newness that’s a testament to his absolute need to purge whatever lay trapped in his soul.

Of course, the album would be nothing if not for the brilliant co-production and composition of Kim Bada, an artist in the rock genre well-renowned for his emotive lyrics and layered compositions. Jaejoong had the foresight to realize he needed to enlist the council of someone who built his career on writing music free of inhibitions, someone who could find the core of his emotions and bring them out in stark fashion.

With Bada’s artistry, song Mine roars and claws free of any sort of restraints that may have kept Jaejoong from attempting to make music as raw as this. The track is classic rock music, blaring and open. Jaejoong weaves his vocals through the composition as if it were the only means to tell a story he’s been waiting to tell. It’s also the album’s most complex composition, complete with wailing guitars, throaty drum backing, and lilting piano chords. However, lead single One Kiss shows us his range. He’s renowned for being all emotion, but One Kiss lets us see that he’s also got a rich textural tone to his voice, a robustness that may get lost in its softness.

He errs on the side of classic balladry with the two middle tracks, fare not unfamiliar to Jaejoong, thus revealing nothing new to us. All Alone, for its part, is a gorgeous song, markedly a bit more mature than the previous two, closing the album on a ringing memento whose notes linger and sting the ears long after the album has closed.

Kim Jaejoong’s debut mini-album is a beautiful look into the man’s heart and unveiling of his vocal range when unbound by a genre that tends to be very restricting. It’s at moments unspectacular, at others brilliant to the point of bursting through its digital mapping. However, no matter if some of the songs are vintage or his more fearless side, I, as the title suggests, is completely and wholly Kim Jaejoong.

Standout Tracks: One Kiss, Mine, All Alone

Rating : 4/5

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FEATURE: Kim Jaejoong’s Mini Album “I”

Kim Jaejoong - I

Despite being fond of the Korean music for more than 10 years now, I still find interest in anything with what I regard as the “it” thing. “It” meaning awesome in every way having that x factor, whatever genre or language used. My playlist varies from Korean-pop/indie/ballad/etc, Japanese songs, a couple of Spanish, British and American songs, as well as songs from unsigned artists and even youtube-ers.

Last week, Kim Jaejoong’s One Kiss was pre-released and it was an instant hit for me. I listened to the song for almost 3 hours straight. To tell you the truth, I’m not a fan of Jaejoong… until I heard his song. Kim Jaejoong’s “I” EP was released in Itunes today. There are 5 tracks including One Kiss, Mine내안 가득히,  나만의 위로 and All Alone.

Jaejoong - One Kiss

My favorite track is definitely One Kiss. This song showed how powerful his vocals are and the emotional build up is superb. I love how the song started with the rock part and the violin, i think, adds a lot for the dramatic effect. He started singing with his smooth voice and slowly getting to the climax of the song with his powerful vocals. It’s as if he’s saying to us “Here’s my story, listen to me”.  I was holding my breath on certain parts of the song and the line 천국의 비친 그대비친 그대 / Heaven shine’s down on you stuck with me.

Mine is hard rock. It honestly reminds me of Japanese rock, like Asian Kung Fu Generation and Gackt. Jaejoong sounds like he was born to be a rock star. It’s weird that I can actually imagine him performing on stage, rocking the song, head-banging and /somewhat/ abusing the mic. Yes, those things that rock stars do. And the music video is definitely a large-scale production. There are several sets where they shot the video and some scenes seem like a part of a gaming world came to life. I wouldn’t deal with the “symbolization” of certain parts and elements of the video and how the video connects with the song. I still believe that I can’t assume anything unless, whoever conceptualized the music video spill the beans.

내안 가득히 is a modern rock ballad that showcases Jaejoong’s vocals. I love how the beat and vocals compliment each other, not the beat compliments the vocals or vice versa.  The 4th track 나만의 위로 is my other favorite on the list. The sweet melody and the sad lyrics goes well with each other. This is a song that definitely pulls heartstrings. It’s the kind of song that you’ll find yourself closing your eyes and  absorbing every emotion carried by each note. Last is All Alone, it gives a soothing feeling and some parts reminds me of Nell., which is a good thing by the way. All Alone and 나만의 위로 made me all emotional. 

All in all, Jaejoong’s writing ability is superb. He deserves every praise for it. Same goes with his vocal ability. If he thinks that he needed to prove anything, he exceeded it. No doubt with that. I think that this solo album “I” opens a new door for the industry and he just made a mark on it.

You can buy his EP here: Itunes + Yes-Asia

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Jaejoong ‘MINE’ Mini Album Review

Jaejoong of JYJ is the next member of the group to get his first mini album after Junsu and his concept is Rock. I can’t say I was anticipating this album but it’s nice that he was able to do a different genre than typical Kpop at the moment.
All Alone: It starts off very soft with the piano, a sweet ballad. Great voice!
Mine: This is obviously the title song. And I LOVE the instrumental for it, I like the contrast between the empty and the full out rock. However, that’s also its flaw, I think the song is all over the place. The rock that I’m into is different, so I can’t exactly judge how this is. But I really like the chorus part and what not, but I kind of lose the mood once the piano comes on. I don’t know how to put it, I just don’t like the production of it. But it’s a great song I can definitely tell you that. I love the band or whatever, just not the style of how Jaejoong sings it. To be honest the only rock I listen to is Coheed and Cambria, I’m not used to other styles. But the song is pretty short, I wish there was more to it. But it’s quite good.
(Miaw0730 Note : for the video, u can see it in above)
This video is amazing…….like wow. I can see why it took 60 hours to film. GREAT production. GREAT imagery, I’m glad there’s more to this video than what meets the eye. I wouldn’t exactly say there are biblical references but he is obviously the Dark Angel and everyone knows that illustrates to Lucifer. I can definitely see him channeling Gakt which is fine, this image suits him perfectly. There were moments in the video that I thought was SOOOOOOOOOO awesome, mainly the part on the color of his eyes and it fades away or something like that. It’s so cool, I wish there was more of that!! But I feel like there was something missing in this video just like with the song. The lyrics don’t really do much for me and there is no connection with the video. I don’t know what the story is here apart from the obvious. I just wish there was more.
One Kiss: This song was pre-released and I think this song is very appealing given its genre. I think this song would get more radio play than ‘Mine’ because it has a cross over appeal, rock and pop I guess. His voice sounds amazing here, great song!!!
Healing For Myself: This was used for the ‘Jackal Is Coming’ OST and it’s very calming.  It sounds very mellow with the guitar and the cello, great song.
I’m Filled Inside: This song is rock/pop, very upbeat, I like it, I like the composition of it!! Great song!!!!
 Overall, I think this is a very consistent album, all songs fit with the vibe he was going for. I do enjoy ‘Mine’ more and more each time I listen to it. However, I can’t really judge this album because this genre is not what I normally listen to on the daily basis. I’m glad he went for this genre because it suits him and it will definitely set him apart from others. But like I said, this is a good album. ‘Mine’ is the strongest song off the album, other songs are softer which shows his versatility. The fans will definitely enjoy this!
You can comment and let me (T/N :Kenyaq) know what you think, no bashing or insulting me, and don’t restate what I’ve already said haha.
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