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i already post the video reaction from boys and girls about Jae’s Mine MV before (link), the boys reaction like ‘wow cool man’ and the girls goes with fangirling mode but how about the parents ? how their reaction when their children show the MV to them ?… is the example

[TRIPLE S] Parents React Jaejoong’s Mine

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It appears to be an amazing start for JYJ Kim Jae Joong’s solo career.

It was revealed that Kim Jae Joong’s first solo album, I has taken over the Hanteo charts, confidently standing at the number one spots for the real time chart, the daily chart, and the weekly chart, beating off fierce competitors like SNSD, CN Blue, and Infinite H.


The feat was achieved within days of the album’s release on January 17.

A C-Jes Entertainment affiliate stated, “He took the weekly, daily, and real time charts just five days after the album’s release. These are very astonishing results. We believe that it’s because Kim Jae Joong’s unique music colors fit to what the public were searching for.”


Meanwhile, Kim Jae Joong’s One Kiss also topped the charts in nine countries, further adding success to his first album. Kim Jae Joong will be holding a mini concert and fanmeeting on January 26 and 27.

Photo Credit: C-Jes Entertainment, Hanteo
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[Entertainment Team] Part Yuchun’s ‘the best visual’ never been shadowed by tonsure has been an issue since yesterday.

The change in hair style can be a ‘light’ to the person who has it or can be a ‘humiliation.’ That is, so called ‘camouflaged by hair,’ hair style can play a great role to make overall facial look different and is recognized to be especially important to stars.

However, Park Yuchun’s tonsure broke such preconception of ‘‘camouflaged by hair,’ and it identified his best visual which could digest any hair style without awkwardness.

Throughout his works, he has tried various hair styles including short cut, bob, long hair as well as tonsure. Nevertheless, he has never experience any ‘humiliation’, but he has emitted his ‘handsome looking aura.’

Therefore, netizens who have witness his new hair style showed such hot reactions as follows, “Park Yuchun tonsure, it’s rather cool,” “Tonsure or long hair, what doesn’t fit him well? He is an actor who doesn’t even need a good hair style,” “Park Yuchun, the best visual indeed.”

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The MBC drama “I Miss You” came as the number 1 drama that keeps the public engaged in the show.

On January 11, Korea Broadcast Advertising Corporation revealed that “ A Program Engagement Index (PEI) was conducted as an online survey where “I Miss You” had the highest engagement ratings.”

Korea Broadcast Advertising Corporation conducted the PEI survey online a day after the drama was air in the month of December. Around 13,791 people aged 13 to 59 participated in the survey.

“I Miss You” came with 132.1, which was the highest in the drama field. All in all, the drama came at four, while “Infinite Challenge” recorded 147.8 coming at first.

“I Miss You” will conclude with a total of 21 episodes.

Note : The drama will air in Malaysia on TV9 every Mondays – Tuesdays starting Jan 28th at 930pm

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Yoochun really popular with his drama and Junsu with his album and song, Jaejoong also already popular in there too…it’s ironic but also very meaningful achievement. When the boys being praised here and there with many achievement from the international world, but in their own country they are still can’t so freely to promote their song/album/drama on Entertainment program.I just hope that with many achievement that the boys got which gonna be increased time by time can give those people who work in entertainment program a pressure and can cornering them till they can’t help it except to invite the boys to their program. JYJ already free so there are no excuse for them to banned the boys anymore…… BTW congratulation Junsu-ah >_<

Junsu’s “Even Though I Know” ranks #1 on 19th Fresh Music Billboard of China (Asian&Overseas Section)

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part 4

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Jaejoong wrote: Coffee Cojjee!! Forever!! xDD


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[VIDEO] 130121 Junsu’s Interview for his ‘Golden Ticket Awards’ (w/ Eng Sub)


Kim Junsu has been interviewed after getting the two Golden Ticket Awards (as musical actor & musician) [via XIAH Press]

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