JYJ’s message for their 1000 days: Don’t give up! Be Happy!

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[NEWS] 130121 JYJ’s ‘The JYJ’ Magazine Set for Simultaneous Release in Korea and Japan

JYJ is preparing to release the first edition of its magazine, The JYJ.

Created to commemorate JYJ’s 1000 days since the group’s formation, the magazine will feature new images, interviews and other goods from their world tour to their solo activities in musicals and dramas.

The magazine’s release also comes as the group and its agency recently reached an agreement with JYJ’s former agency, SM Entertainment, and also won its lawsuit against its Japanese agency, Avex.

C-Jes Entertainment shared the upcoming release of the magazine is all the more meaningful after the many setbacks and difficulties the group faced during the past few years. The agency also felt the magazine would hold special meaning for the many fans who have still supported and loved the JYJ members all the years.

The JYJ members spent over 25 hours being interviewed for the 139-page magazine and special DVD.

The members candidly shared on their difficult periods, the special people who provided the strength and courage for them during that time and other personal topics.

The JYJ members said about the magazine, “Looking back on our 1000 days, there were a lot of hard times but we can also say we were truly happy. Though there were things that we didn’t foresee, it allowed us to work harder and improve. We want to share that happiness we felt each morning and when we went to sleep every night during these 1000 days with our fans.”

The magazine will be released simultaneously in Korea and Japan in early February and can be purchased online through the C-Jes store homepage and the JYJ Japanese homepage.

Photo Credit: C-Jes Entertainment

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