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Jaejoong. I always thought he looked a bit girly and that was it. I knew people loved his voice but it was also a bit girly to me. Little did I know. When he came out with his solo, I discovered it on my YouTube feed and then was a quite overwhelmed by the genuine rock that I was hearing. When have we ever heard that in mainstream K-pop? Then when I stumbled on his Allkpop article, I listened to his songs one after the other in that messed up order and my jaw dropped. This boy is amazing. And now I’m changing the tips on my earphones to hear him better.

One Kiss – The first of his more rock-inspired tracks. I’m absolutely digging the beautifully orchestral violins in the background of the instrumentals. They suddenly quieten to reveal some angsty guitar and Jaejoong’s well-controlled voice. Of course, he’s a good singer. What I’m more surprised by is his ability to sing rock songs – the way he tears his voice in the chorus is already reminding me of famous Taiwanese pop/rock star Jam Hsiao.

Jaejoong’s voice is extremely emotional and strong. You can feel the sound tugging at your heart, making you feel very emotional. Like you’re about to cry, yet you don’t even have any idea what he’s singing about. The power of music.

Mine – Not familiar with J-rock, but I’ve read comments indicating this is very similar to that genre. I have to admit the whole feeling of the song is very foreign to me. However after hearing the entirety of the album, I am really willing to grow to love this song. Luckily for me, this song is not hard to love at all. Not only does Jaejoong bring out his amazingly capable rock voice, but the instrumentals are expressive, emotional and tight.

It switches between smooth guitar, to thrashing beats and rebellious guitar sounds. The chorus is on fire, rage tumbling towards the listener – it is just very absolute in its emotion and I like that. Nothing is held back.

You Fill Me Up – This marks the beginning of the less heavy sounds that fill the rest of this album. The violins are continued pleasantly throughout this track. It’s just the kind of sound that is associated with beautiful scenery and thus is really nice to listen to. Of course Jaejoong’s voice sounds amazing, giving the most of his emotion in the bridge. I love the way he and Junsu are able to use their cry-tones to effectively add a greater degree of emotion to the song.

Healing For Myself – A quieter and introverted sound to match the theme of this song. I am extremely impressed by the versatility of his voice. I never expected Jaejoong to be able to sing these kinds of ballads as well as hardcore rock songs. The best comparison I can think of is with Jam Hsiao and for those not familiar with C-pop, he is extremely extremely respected.

I like “Healing For Myself” a little better than “You Fill Me Up”. It is a bit more melancholy and moody, perfect for a walk you take by yourself after a hurtful argument with someone. With iPod plugged in, volume turned up to just the right level of loudness to cover the pain in your heart, listening to Jaejoong and the tentative guitar instrumental. Just as the song states, “Healing For Myself”.

This whole album is so emotional it really makes me feel an immense sadness. It’s full of those horrible tear-jerkers that make you cry uncontrollably when you’re hurting. The ones that you can’t really listen to after a while because you start associating them with being upset. The ones that make you spill tears every time.

It’s been so long since I’ve heard something so moving, something so personal, yet so able to reach out to the audience. A shared experience, something we can all understand.

All Alone –  This is the song that repeats the word “love” a thousand times over. In another song, it may have been dismissed as repetitive and uncreative, but this is that time when we can sing its praises. At risk of sounding pretentious, I’d say the word fits a lot. That word so simple – the first Korean word you learn, yet the word that is so hard to explain and understand. The word that can’t be replaced by something else.

A lot of the success of this song relies on Jaejoong’s warm, emotional and beautiful voice. His voice has so many layers. At first glance it appears sincere and straightforward, yet when you listen closer – it’s warm and welcoming to listen to, but underneath there is undeniable sadness and heartbreak.

In conclusion, this album is just freakin amazing. Buy it. It’s rare to have songs that sound like they belong to the Titanic soundtrack, but are fortunate enough to not have all that greasy tackiness. It feels like your soul has been cleansed listening to this album. My whole mind feels refreshed and at ease. Treasure, treasure this album.

Recommend tracks: All of them (“Healing For Myself” if I had to choose)

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