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Junsu Astonished at Fans’ Quietness


How Junsu is so physically fit

“I’m a singer, not a pianist”

Junsu: Great Grandfather as an Idol

JS : I became 27 without quiet realizing it and uh….of course 27 isn’t that old for a man yet… almost a great-grandfather as  an idol (audience laughing). Jaejoongie hyung is here right now (audience is screaming)……Are you watching ?……hm..Hyung  you’re great-great-grandfather (audience laughing). Jaejoongie-hyung, you’re 30 soon, right ?   (Junsu and audience laughing). Jaejoongie hyung just wait for 2 years, when i am about to became 30 from 29. I am going to live as a 87er once again ( T/N : if he counts January 1st as his birthday )   

ROFL……The perfect opportunity for Junsu to troll Jaejoong. He can’t do anything to retaliate. :D  :D  :D

Credit: XIAH Press via JYJ3
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