As I’ve mentioned in yesterday’s blog post, there was an event that JYJ’s Yoochun was going to appear.

The place was COEX, South Korea’s leading big convention center.

The aim of the event was to build a “Voice Library” for the people who are unable to see.

The people who had registered earlier on the internet will go to the booth and took on the voice audition.

The judges are real voice actors.

It seems that there are a lot of voice actors in South Korea.

After taking the first round and passed, the participants will have to record their voice in a different booth.

Here, there’ll be a famous story in which they will have to read for recording and the voice will be stored to the Voice Library…is the case.

Even if you didn’t join the project, there’s still tons of excitement await.

There’s a lot to be experience such as the memorial photo shooting ceremony with the image character, Yoochun, the global simulation that couldn’t be seen and the exhibition of sculptures done by visually disabled persons.

At 3pm, in front of the stage at the event hall was crowded with people.

From now on, the stage attraction will start.

A visually handicap singer who turn into a star overnight after a television program appeared, and after that was a brass band musical performance by visually handicapped children, both were equally amazing.

And then, the climax of the stage.

After the president explained the campaign, the person who was called to the stage was, the Yoochun.

The audience that was behaving up till just now immediately sprang to their feet.

Thanks to Mr Yoochun, the event heats up!

Of course, for the 3pm event to start, I entered the event hall at 10 am.

I’ve been waiting all this while for this moment~

Because of my husband’s unreliable information, I didn’t know what time and where to go to be able to meet him (Yoochun).


Even when asking, I seemed like a not enthusiastic fan (that’s true though).

But thanks to that, I got to take the 2 shot with Yoochun.

Saying so, Mr Yoochun, his face is really small~

He is also fluent in Japanese, very polite, even I unintentionally became a fan.

After the ending, he did not forget to properly greet all the staff and shook hands (even with me too).

I’m so sorry to the fans.

I understood after meeting him the reason why he is famous.

He is really handsome, has a great personality, he understands what he should do, I truly admire his wisdom.

Author’s comment on Yoochun from her replies:
1-It seemed like Yoochun-kun had just cut his hair. When he entered the backstage, at that moment I didn’t know who he was. Before, in Beijing I got the chance to see him during the press conference, but at that time, he wasn’t shaven so there were people saying “Maybe he’s entering the army?” But it seems that he wanted to refresh himself.

2-Taking the 2-shot with him, I feel sorry to the fans, but I really wanted to inform all of you that he is such a good young man. I understand why he is really famous.

3-I haven’t watch Rooftop Prince but after meeting him, I suddenly wants to watch it. Last year, my friends who came to Seoul wanted to buy a training suit, I think it was maybe because they were influenced by that drama.

4-When I met him; I was surprised by his fluent Japanese. He was really good. And then, before the event started, instead of saying “I’m going”, he shook hands with my husband firmly. My foreign husband (t/n: her husband is a foreigner) too became a Micky (my husband calls him Micky) fan.

5-I don’t really know the matters about JYJ, but judging from that fluency of both Japanese and English, and the thoughtfulness of his answers at the event, I think he is a quick thinker and very sincere in his work. Even the staff thinks he is outstanding.

6-After taking the photo together, I felt bad to the fans. I, who am not really familiar with JYJ’s matter, took a picture together. The fans that came had earnestly showed their support, I feel like he is love by his fans.

7-Yoochun-kun, was really charming. The president who is an Englishman was also very pleased to have recruited him. It seems that there’s info that due to Yoochun’s appearance, it has boost the corporate image of the company.

8-(T/N:the fan asked whether Yoochun put his hand on her shoulder or not since the picture was cropped in which it wasn’t clearly seen) In honesty…I feel bad to the fans so I didn’t write about it but, Yoochun-kun firmly put his hand on my shoulder. I’m so happy that he treated me like a lady even when I’m an aunty/obasan/ajumma.

9-…I’ve seen a lot of KPOP star’s stage (so far I think PSY was the best), but Yoochun is definitely extraordinary.

10-I have never listened to JYJ’s song before, but I think I want to listen to it from now on.

11-It seems that the shocking crew cut was done on the same day. But it’s a clean image and I think it really suits him. When you register for the event, it seems that his voice message will be sent to you.

Source: MC Sachi-san
Translated by: Helly of JYJ3
Credit: JYJ3

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