Artist Kim Jae-Joong’s first solo mini-album title song ‘MINE’ music video swept over China as well. Kim Jae-Joong’s first solo mini-album ‘I’ title track ‘MINE’ reached #1 in China’s biggest MV site ‘’ Korea V-Chart in January 17. Yinyuentai V-Chart reflects the popularity of the artist based on the view count and the score written by the fans. Kim Jae-Joong’s ‘MINE’ music video reached #1 just within five days, leaving a wide hiatus between #2.

One of the Chinese media associates said, “Kim Jae-Joong’s album will be loved by the Chinese,” “It deviates from the traditional idol dance music, and it involves a fresh, mysterious character within a high-quality music video.” In Korea, Kim Jae-Joong’s first solo concert ‘Your, My and Mine’ music video making-clip is also heating up with raving attention. Kim Jae-Joong’s first solo mini-album ‘I’ reached #1 in Hanteo’s Daily/Weekly/Real-time Charts just within 4 days, and pre-open song ‘ONE KISS’ topped #1 in iTune’s Rock Chart in 9 different countries.

Source: Innolife
Credit: JYJ3


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