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Fan: Excuse me…I bought the concert ticket today…Although I’m very sorry that I’m troubling you, could you give me a sign? I’m work in a company nearby (really worried that he thinks I’m a sasaeng fan). I’m really sorry…

Jaejoong: (nods multiple times)

Fan: I don’t have a pen T__T So Sorry T__T

Jaejoong: (gets up, moves towards the table where people writes deposit checks, and begin signing on the back of the ticket I bought today)

Fan: My name is XX…if you could please write it…

Jaejoong: (pauses for a little bit when writing my name and took out his cellphone)

Fan: (I hope he doesn’t have an incoming call…I already got this far x-x)

Jaejoong: (Took out the phone to find out the date so that he could write down the date for the fan. The background of his cell phone is a picture of MINE, and it seems like a picture with two parts that is separated by a diagonal line. I couldn’t see it well)

Fan: I’m really sorry! And see you at the concert~ Thank you so much!!

Jaejoong: (sits back onto the chair and waits)

Credit: JYJ DC Gallery
Translated by: G.fanns of JYJ3
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