Jaejoong StarN interview 130124

How skilled is ‘Game Mania’ Kim Jaejoong at games?

JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong held a press conference for his first solo album on the 22nd at the Mango Six in Apgujeong and said, “I really like playing games.”

He gave an abashed smile as he realized that the reporters had seen him lost in his smart phone games right up till the beginning of the interview.

Kim Jaejoong stated that the game he enjoyed these days was the smart phone game ‘All Together Now, Cha Cha Cha’ and his score is a whopping 670,000, proving his talents as a gamer.

He showed his affection for games as he said, “I’ve always liked playing games. In the basement of our office building, we have a Playstation and other gaming devices installed and I go there often to play.”

Kim Jaejoong also confessed, “These days, I think about dating someone. I write songs when I’m on a break, but I find it difficult because I don’t have many experiences with the pains of love,” and “I feel like I’ll write songs better if I like someone, care for them, fall for them, and then suffer the pains of our love ending.”

Source: starN
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